Friday, September 16, 2016

Fridays Chatter...

Good afternoon dearest,
     Just hanging out at home as I do most days.  Today I'm trying to finish up a copy of a doily that I found on Linda's crochet blog.  She does such beautiful work.  I saw this one and decided to make it.  I did it by her photo..  And it actually looks pretty on point.  I'm finally on my last row.  As you all know I have purchased some items from Walmart on line from the Pioneer Woman's Line.  
         This is my newest purchase she came out with a cute teapot...
     With this lovely cute pattern of Garden flowers...  I just love the bold colors...
     I choose this lovely vintage teacup to go with it for morning tea....

     Those on the right are her line of lovely linen napkins also in pretty colors..  .  
      The fourth being the bottom one linning the bottom of the tea tray...
     I just love this creamy teacup,  I love all the embossment on it and the saucer.  I found two of them few years back...  I believe them to be quite old...  But they go perfectly with the teapot...
     Though I had a problem with the teapot...  I boiled water for the tea and poured it into the teapot when I touched the belly it was quite hot and as I picked up the handle it was burnin hot I almost dropped it.. Thank goodness I dropped onto the kitchen table..  The whole handle got extremely hot.. .  
     So I called Walmart, then left a message on Facebook.  They received my message and replied that they needed my email and would contact me there, this was yesterday..  I love the teapot and are hoping mine was just a defected one...  I so love it, think it's adorable...
     Yesterday I did some cookin simple roasted Pork...  Salt and peppered it and stuffed it with whole pieces of garlic and fresh rosemary from the garden.  I then seared it..  (Browned it on high fire in a black skillet)
     Then set it on a bed of thick onion slices and thick carrot pieces and some more rosemary...  And roasted in a covered roaster for about a hour and 20 mins. @ 350'...  In a old vintage yellow and black small roaster found on dads truck years ago....
    Then I washed up some potatoes quatered them salt pepper rosemary more carrots and onion, but before I roasted them I fried them a tad in the fat from the roast pork in the black skillet..  Then I roasted them in a separate pan along side the pork roast...  Yummy kitchen smelled great.. .
     Then I made a nice gravy from the drippings of the roast pork...  In that same black skillet that still had drippings as well I added a large tablespoon of butter than Flour as well and cooked it for a minute or so..  To cook the flour, so you don't have the flour raw taste...  Took all those lovely dripping from the pork roast and added it to and a pinch of salt and it came out perfect....  Some folks don't care for rosemary but, I love it..  As I have mentioned in the past they say it is good for un fogging your mind and making it sharper....  

     Also cooked up some fresh green beans with sliced browned onion tomatoe garlic... 
   Also chicken..  Like a stew...  Well I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and I hope you have a fabulous weekend,.. . .. .           with love Janice
SEE YOU THERE... . ..  . 


  1. Dear Janice:
    Oh what a delicious meal and it looks like total comfort food. You walked us right through the prep too so there! I love it all! Your teapot colors are so pretty and the napkins are darling!

  2. Mmmmmm------does all that food look delightful or what! You must be a wonderful cook Janice. Always love to see your pretty table settings too. Have a great weekend.

  3. My mouth is watering looking at the beautiful food you have prepared. Such a shame we live so far apart, I would love to pop around for a taste. Hope the problem with your teapot is resolved.

  4. Yum! That roast pork looks so yummy! The teapot is really pretty, too bad it is defective. Hope you got it replaced,,,,,Christine

  5. Oh my! When so we eat! It looks so good! Looking forward to seeing your doily.

  6. Your meal looks utterly delicious, Janice. Love your new teapot. I love the pretty flowers. Oh dear, I hope the teapot becoming burning hot is a defect. Gorgeous the patterns. How lovely it would be to share a cup of tea with you, from one of your pretty teacups. Have a lovely week, lovely lady.

  7. Hi Janice
    Your roast pork dinner looks delicious. I must add rosemary in my supper tonight. I absolutely adore your teacup. It looks like Spode - gorgeous embossing! I hope that you can still use your teapot. I find when I put a tea cozy on some of my teapots it makes the handle very warm. It is such a pretty colour. Blessings, Karen

  8. Mmm...your meal looks so yummy! I love the napkins, their fabrics and colours are very pretty
    Hugs Alessandra

  9. Your post made my mouth water. YUM!

    It's too bad that your lovely new teapot has a defective handle. Good thing that you didn't burn yourself! Hopefully, Wal-Mart can get you a new teapot that you can actually use. I'm also admiring the white teacups' simple but elegant design.