Monday, June 20, 2016

Tea in the early morning hours... with roses

        Oh good morning to you my dears,
I hope you are doing well this lovely summer morning...  You know today is the first day of summer in the United States that is and  I'am up early as usual.  I can not stay in bed long my body has always said get up and find the sun though some days there is none.  But in my little flat cottage I have manage to make my own sunshine most days...  Well the water is on and I'm going to make tea in my pretty little rose tea pot and I have curled up on my little ole couch...
        I purchased it a few years back but never had used it until this morning...  I love the spray of roses that sits across the front..  Whimsical and delicate all at the same time...  

           What I say can be more prettier than lovely pink roses in the morning...
        The tray is ready and the water is boiling time to make tea...

        The doily in the middle is a doily that I copied from a old vintage one I once upon a time found at a thrift store...
       I also made the small ones as well... 
        A tiny pink depression glass sugar keeper...  
        Sometimes I use a touch of lemon... What about you...  How do you take your tea, is it always the same or do you change...  I used to use cream but I can not have dairy anymore...  But I used to switch sometimes...  Awe this just made me remember along time ago I think I was seventeen and I had a kind of a lunch date.  I remember getting tea and i was so nerves I put cream and lemon and curdled my tea how embarassed I was o gosh..  Silly memory...  He laughed though,  I'm sure I wanted to sink into my seat at the time...  I had forgotten about it...  Good ole memories of life's special moments...
        Awe sweet tea and thoughts of the past...  As we age and if your like me single these days and even if not...  We need to make special days for ourselves. Special moments and memories and what a better way with special teapots and teacups from the past, that someone owned and loved just as much...  Only if they could tell us the past teatime occasions...   Life is short and age comes fast...  But it is good to be able to look back at something good...  Special teatimes warms my heart and builds good thoughts and memories...  My children say I have to many things and perhaps I do, but they make me happy and it's my own world outside of the one we all live in which at times can be harsh...  Find something special. Like teatime with special little rose teapots and rose teacups...  And make memories in your own heart...
        This little rose teacup is from Homer Laughlin...  I have many of his patterns and this one I love because it has a softness about it...  

       The saucer is equally pretty...   The shakers below were the first things I bought...  
        Then came the teacups and a bowl and a creamer and a few other pieces...

        Well, I have enjoyed my morning and teatime with you...  It's the first day of summer what shall I do...  What shall you be doing today???  Wishing you Love and hugs from me to you, 
        With love,
Today I will be joining Sandi  @    

                                 For No Place Like Home

           I'm also joining Bernideen's @

                                 For her Blog Garden Party...

                               SEE YOU THERE...


  1. Good afternoon to you Janice :o) What a delightful way to start a beautiful summer morning. The teapot, cup and saucer and everything else is just precious ... I agree every morning should be special :D mari

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day. Beautiful tea service set on a such wonderful doilies they are a real delight. I take my tea in a morning with milk and usually in an afternoon with lemon. Take care.

  3. What a beautiful blog you have! This is my first visit here...I found you through the No Place Like Home party.

    Your tea things are gorgeous! Love love love that pink, green, and white doily and that quilt. So lovely and feminine.

    My favorite tea is Earl Grey, and I enjoy it best with cream, though if I don't have cream on hand, I will use 2% milk. I like it plain too, but most of the time, I prefer to enjoy it in true British style (even though I'm an American).

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  4. I love soft pink roses, Janice, so your little teapot is very appealing to me. All of your china is so pretty and a joy to use, I'm sure. Your doily is lovely and how nice that you crocheted it. I almost always take my tea black. Very seldom I use lemon but it looks so nice on a tea table. I'm so happy you have joined me today and Happy first day of Summer, my friend!


  5. What a lovely tea you have shared with us, Janice! Everything is so sweet, the tea set, the doilies, and your sweet memories. Happy summer! xo Karen

  6. Your rose tea set is lovely, Janice! I tend to drink my teas black. Occasionally, I drink my black teas with milk. But I've never actually added lemon. Enjoy the first day of summer!

  7. thanks for sharing your lovely table the tea pot is just lovely. I also feel I'M Elinore dashwood. She had such a dignity about her have a great day and enjoy the sunshise

  8. Janice, your rose tea cup is so pretty. You have many lovely tea cups and saucers. And what a delightful story about your date and the lemon and cream. It seems that we remember these good 'ole stories from our past, and I love hearing some of yours. The doily is very pretty also. There is a softness in this pink tea set, and it's perfect to start the day.

    Happy summer days, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Hi Janice, your tea is just so pretty on your tray. Your crocheted pieces always make me smile and sigh with their beauty. Of course, your teapot, teacup and other pieces are so feminine and pretty. I don't take lemon in my tea, but only milk and sweetener. However, I did do the same thing as you once, with the lemon and cream...oh dear!!

  10. Dear Janice:
    What a sweet tray. I love how relaxed it all looks with the your doilies. The teapot is a real dream. What a sweet posting and I thank you for sharing and linking.