Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday chatter...

      Howdy there as they say,  we are having a windy day again, sunny but windy.  This silly weather is driving me mad.  I can't do the things I really want to in the garden..  I have to be careful with myself because I'm prone these days to get sick easlier, is that a word lol hope so.  My nasturtiums are coming out some deep orange ones they look so pretty specially with the deep purple color of the other little daisy looking plants.  My first two and yes I had to pick them...   Can't see them to well let me see if I can get another one, a photo...

     There we go much better...       So what are you up to this weekend myself I have two birthday party's to go to, that are for my two younger granddaughter's one who turned five, the other is one now...  Yuliana and Alina,  so sweet girls they are...
      I was in the garden this morning picking flowers again, it is rather messy with leaves everywhere because of the wind.  The purple flowers are starting to whine down now...  

      Today I'm just sharing random photos, nothing special just things I love...

      This is in my dinning room...
      I have so much glass things, one minute I think I want to give up some of it and other times I say no way, not a piece.  But I do think that I'm getting older that maybe I should think of it.  So in my mind I keep thinking which things should I depart with.   What do I really like..  So I tell myself this or that but then I saw o idk, I don't know.   .   .
      A lot of my things I had for years and it wasn't always so easy to get them and many of times did I dig through much garbage to find things on dad's truck several hours of digging through piles...  Sometimes I was fortunate to fall upon them at a run to a thrift place me and mama always went.  .  .
      These I love and fell upon them a couple years ago after mama passed on at a local goodwill store...   They are little avon pitchers,...

      A Homer Laughlin teapot which I love, it will match my hazel scio dishes, which are these below, which forever I called them my granny dishes I never knew the name mama remembered them being given out at the movie's or soap boxes.  Things they did back then.  Today is no comparision.  
      It is a perfect match...  I have all the pieces and for years needed a sugar bowl but they weren't available then I located them on line later, but the sugar bowls were like 54 dollars and I just couldn't see that when I barely paid anything over the years for my other pieces,  but I did began to think I might have to to be able to complete my set..  I had be collecting these for over 30 years...  The square plates with the pink rims I had found about three years ago and I paid a whopping eight dollars a piece ...  They were perfect and at that time and I had the momies..  So I bought them.
      My busy bulletin board, I can't figure out what to do with it... So I hung a ton of vintage pot holders on it for the moment...  I have had it for years and I mean years lol...  Dad one time got these wooden stands that grocery stores have for display of vegetables so I took one kept it for a while then got rid of it but I kept the top which was this bullentin board part mainly because I had painted the pattern of thes dishes on it..
      Well simular to it anyway...  So thirty five years ago...   I still love it..
     Well I think I will go get a bit to eat..  I was also called upon to come help make spaghetti sauce for the one party...  So off I go.  Wishing you all a most wonderful day and a lovely weekend...
              With love,
Ps...  This note is for Kathy Towers,  dearest I gently washed my doily and while it was still some what wet I used a spray called stiffen stuff.  Found at a local fabric store.  It is a fabric stiffing spray for many uses for bows, doilies, silk flowers  etc.  I paid $10.79 for 8fl. Oz bottle.  So I just, with the wet doily sprayed it lightly all over with the spray.  I didn't want a really stiff doily.  Used a large piece of cardboard.  Which I covered with a old cloth and you have to use stainless steel pins so you get no rust on your doilies.  You pin it little by little as you carefully stretch the doily out then let it dry.  I left this message for you here because I couldn't find a email address.  I hope you get it.. Love n hugs 


  1. May you have a wonderful week end and enjoy the parties.

  2. Oh Mz. Witherspoon!!! I did get your message about stretching my Grandmothers doilies. Thank you so much. You are so loyal. I read your blog every week. I really enjoy it. For some reason I keep coming back to it, and have even found myself offering up prayers for you. I pray you have peace and happiness. Hugs and Love to you too.
    Kathy Towers

  3. What a lovely post, it is always such a pleasure to visit and share all your beautiful glass and china, a real feast for the eyes. Hope you enjoy the birthday parties.

  4. You have such pretty things. I love looking at your blog posts. I know what you mean about crazy weather. Here it is mid June and I haven't planted flowers. It's either 100 degrees or raining. Not sure I will get much planted this year and I love flowers.
    Take care....Linda

  5. Your nasturtium is lovely, Janice! I also enjoyed seeing some of your china collection. I think that the "thrill of the hunt" is part of the fun of collecting tea pretties. I've only been collecting for a decade, but I'm already running out of storage space! I try to follow the "1 in, 1 out" rule, but don't always adhere to it!

  6. Hi Janice,
    Your nasturtiums are lovely. Mine are blooming now too.
    And you have so many beautiful things. I enjoyed the photos.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to know you like my bookmark. I'd be happy to send you the pattern. Just send me an email (you can find my address in my profile).

    Hugs from San Jose (we are practically neighbors :))

  7. Hi Janice,
    Your garden flowers are so lovely and I do love your blue and white china. I think I see a chintz teapot there amongst your china pretties. Swooon! You do have a beautiful collection. Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  8. You have such a beautiful collection of dishes. I don't think I would get rid of them unless I absolutely had to. I can understand your desire to keep them longer. Surround yourself with all the things you love. It does wonders for our spirit. :)
    xx Beca

  9. Janice, I always have to stop for an orange flower, they are special, indeed. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughters! The blue space you decorated is very pretty. I've never seen a blue turkey before hehehe. And I love the Avon pitchers. I think they are my favorite items on here today.

    Enjoy these June days. It's been windy here lately too.

    love, ~Sheri