Friday, January 29, 2016

Stress, trust, God

        This morning I had woke up with a brighter day insight in my mind...  Thinking the most best thing to do was to trust in God...  But as the morning came farther into light everything became total chaos...  But i address it as the devil working over time in my house...  I got really stressed out I went in the shower and cried and before i had went like last night I put on the book of Matthew and I listen about the life of Jesus our Lord and how people had prayed in the past and how he told his disciples to pray.  And in the 6th chapter he said not to be anxious over tomorrow for tomorrow has its own troubles...  It's a very hard thing to do when your totally stressed out... But I trust that my heavenly Father will see me through and bring me out of all this...  I just have to wait on him...  The good thing is that I realize I have made many mistakes about many things...  But I'm ready to fix it all not really knowing how...  But I know he will show me the way...  Trust faith hope guidance that is what it is about...  My only hope is through him...   If I haven't visited your blog lately I applogize my mind is very occupied with stressful thing at the moment...  I thank all of you for your visits comments thoughts and love that you share with me... Nit means the world to me...  I wish you all a most wonderful weekend with love Janice...  I think I'm in need of a nap...  I feel drained....  See you soon
        Ps. Early morning view from Mamas deck of the bay....   


  1. Oh sweet Janice...hugs to you. You do sound very stressed but I am so pleased that even in your distress, you were able to turn to scripture. It is SO hard to trust. Keep in the word and try to find something to praise God for or thank Him for every day. It's just a little thing but I find it really helps me when I get down.
    I will pray for you. As I have said many times, I wish we lived closer. I would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you and we could just chat about things for awhile.
    You have many blogger friends who really care for you.
    Much love to you always,

  2. Hi janice, since i stop blogging i dont enter blogland, but i thought of you
    and pass by, if im honest blogging is more nice than facebook, your blog is lovely
    as always, your posts inspire others, thanks for sharing...loves soraya

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  4. I' m so sorry for your stress. I hope you better. I will wait for you and for your new posts.

  5. im back,facebook is kind of boring, blogging is more fun...blessings