Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just a note...

          I would like to let you know that my I-pad got shattered I guess.  I had left it at home when I came to visit at mama's house... so I might not be able to post for a bit will have to see.. at any rate I'am sharing my
Limoges that I had found a while back I found some plates at a not to far away thrift store where sometimes me and Mama would go when we got tired of the city and wanted to get away...
Such a delicate plate... with the most tiniest flowers...
I hope to be able to get a few more teacups... 

So sad my I-pad is broke.. and to top it off my cars not working either... pains of life..

with love 
ps hope to see you soon.. 
have a great week...
pss writing from mama's house.


  1. What a shame! Hope you get things sorted soon.

  2. So sorry to hear about your I pad and car, hope you manage to get things sorted.


  3. Darn about your ipad and car trouble is always as bad as stopped up toliet LOL
    Love those pretty dishes with the sweet roses on them
    I have really gotten back into going to thrift stores
    Thanks for always stopping over at my blog

  4. ps your thing to verify i'm not a robot is set for play/sound which I don't have ?? finally got the verify street signs?

  5. Sorry for your trouble hun. Life has pain , no doubt! But oh God's mercy is new every morning. May he bless you good sweetheart. Hugs, Shelley

    More beautiful dishes!

  6. I' m so sorry for your ipad and your car. The dishes and the roses are so feminine