Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's Friday Already

     Wow, I just don't know where the days are going to the weekend comes and poof it's Monday Thursday then Friday already...   Boy days are just flying by...  Well I only did just a little bit in my living room so I'm still not finished but today It was so lovely out in the Garden I pretty much clened it all up...  It was in great need...  Leaves everywhere wet leaves dry leaves just leaves everywhere.  I found a few little flowers still shinning 
      I love  Pansy's so much whatever their color may be ... 
It's starnge to see the Garden go to sleep...  I cut back many of the plants that I have...

      Much cleaner, I should have took a before picture, it was a mess from the  rain and wind...
I planted a big huge chayote is It's a vegetable like squash in a sense ... Latin people use it a lot...  My neighbor Tita who taught me how make the Guatemalan tamales has a tree in her Garden it grows like a vine...  
     This is what they look like some have these stickers and some don't the ones they sell in the store don't...  For some odd reason the home planted ones a lot of the time come like this i got them a couple days ago and they were sitting in a plastic shopping bag and when I looked this one was really big with these roots sprouting so I thought I will try I had one many years  ago, will see ...
      Surprisingly, my egg plants are still growing the back one has two egg plants on it the fron one is taller with nothing ...   Im going to leave them hopefully they will get bigger this dirt is so poor they are taken forever it seems like ... 
This is my lastest grand daughter Alina b. We call her that because when her daddy was young we always called him Stevie b.  
Mommie posted her on instagram with a mush face this morning...   Lol haven't seen her in a week hopefully soon...   Her full name is Alina Sophia Louise which Louise is Mama's middle name mine and my oldest daughter...   Mama would have liked it ...  So tomorrow going to do laundry and finish this darn living room...  Going go to Mama's house I think Saturday well wish you all a wonderful enchanting weekend with love Janice ❤️


  1. Such a beautiful Grandaughter, mush and all. Have a great weekend. Hope you manage to finish the lounge. Take care.

  2. Good morning, sweet friend! How are you? I have missed you and your beautiful posts :)

    Your granddaughter is simply precious and I am sure she brings you much joy. May you have a loely weekend, dear Janice. Hugs!

  3. Hi Janice,
    It is amazing to me to still see flowers at this time of year. Everything is under snow here!
    Your granddaughter is a cutie-pie! I'd give her a kiss, mush face and all. :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment over at my little blog. You brought a smile to my face.
    Big hugs,

  4. Your granddaughter is very adorable!!! Your garden looks fabulous. Happy week end

  5. Hi Janice, your granddaughter is precious and I love your pansies. In the spring I am always so eager to plant them. My gardens have been cut down now for a month. Sad to put them to bed.