Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday morning chatter.. and the living room...

Good Saturday morning,  I'm over at Mama's house going to do some cleaning in a little bit.. Seems that's all I do between my house and her's...    Finally getting my living room done.. My poor couch is threw though and I really need a new one but refuse until I move to mama's because the damp in my house has ruined my couch and antique chair and things.. so for now I washed the cover and recovered it with another and a quilt over that...
It will do for now...    I was thinking to have the couch re done later because I really like the way the couch is built most furniture now a days is lousy .. I bought this couch o I'd say ten years ago at a Good will in San Rafael Ca.  for 65 dollars in perfect condition 
the cover is beautiful with Roses with Peaches Yellows Rose colors.. beige back ground.. and it's removable which I really like.. 
So If it's not to much I will have it redone and two covers made I want a plain White one and another one of Roses.. 
But I'm glad I got it all washed and vacuumed up moved it cleaned behind mopped clean in the front area underneath...
The extra green cushion is for my back..   the couch is in such poor shape I need extra cushion to help my back to feel ok while sitting...   I usually sit right there do my reading crochet etc...
You know I hadn't noticed that I have gathered so many I knew I had quite a few...    right here alone there are like 20 cups..
and you haven't seen nothing yet as the saying goes... 
terrible... gosh sometimes you can really get caught up.. and I still want more when I see some pretty one...on line.. 
I brought this little shelf from the storage I had it for a long time.. It's a cute little shelf and I though later I will paint it White.. 
Some ceramic baby shoes that I have been collecting for years.. I have maybe five different shoes and one baby bassinet.  
o my I hit the publish button.. darn 
This shelf sits above the couch...    I cleaned all this last night before I went to bed.. that and all the couch area...
Lots \of little nic nacs.. I don't like cleaning them much but I do like them...
My African Violets are doing so well on top of the Television in front of the window.. The one that cost a dollar has a bloom coming out...
Can you see the blooms...   just love them...
I adore this little girl.. I love her and the little duck.. ducks are one of my favorite things..
My favorite Blue teapot...
This is another teapot which I really love, I love all the bright colors... I just made a doily to match just recently last few days just finished it really the day before...
I should have used a darker Yellow.. but I'm still happy with it and I think it looks good with my teapot..
Well I think that's all for today... I need to get up and go downstairs to get at least a little bit done.. 
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend
with love
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  1. I love all your pretties Janice!
    And a Girl can NEVER have enough teacups... :-)))
    Love to you,

  2. Que sofa mais delicioso.Sua coleção louças é linda.Bom domingo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  3. always enjoy my visits here to your Vintage Victorian Home, your doulies are really pretty.

  4. You've fixed up your sofa all comfy, Janice, and it looks so pretty.
    You are getting quite the collection of teacups. It is hard to pass up a pretty one, I so agree! Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Your sofa looks very pretty with so romantic pillows. I love your porcelain and i adore your vignettes.

  6. Oh my Janice. What an incredible collection of china. Super comfy couch. How sweet that you keep your mom's home so pretty.



  7. Hi Janice,
    I do love your beautiful collection of teacups and teapots. Isn't it fun? Collecting pretty china is such a weakness for me but it does make me happy and gives me joy. That is a very pretty shelf and would look lovely in white too. Happy Tea Day! Karen