Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quite no not at all...

Helo, good afternoon.  It's surely not a quite day in my house today everyone is home, Vee the two boys and my other grandson came to visit well, hang out while mom is at work...
      I thought that I would share my sleepingbabies and some old lace heart sachets with you today
      I have had the first one for years...    I found her at a thrift store and later found the second one....
      To me they are so very sweet...    
      Their sweet presious faces...
     My sachets....    I haven't seen any for a long time course I don't thrift shop like I used to...   

       A sweet fan...
      Vintage basket...

                              Happy vintage Wednesday with love




  1. Oh My!
    I LOVE these sweet sleeping babies :-)))
    And ALL of your pretties...

  2. Oh Janice, the babies are darling. They are sweet, precious angels. And I love your heart-shaped sachets. So adorable. Susan

  3. Ohh...the babies are so sweet and adorable. The sachets are gorgeous and very romantic, i like them very much

  4. Everything is so pretty. I love dolls and your's are so precious.
    Hugs to you Janice.

  5. Your sleepingbabies are precious, Janice. I love dolls, especially cloth dolls. You know, that sachet you have on here looks just like one that my sister made me many years ago. It's so pretty.

    love, ~Sheri