Monday, October 13, 2014

Just a few words..

~*** Good morning dearest bloggers... I have been gone across the bay at my oldest daughter's house trying to help out... Her panic is on High.. I came home yesterday after spending a week there with her and my four grandchildren.. It was nice but always nice to come home I think.. Humm these days I'm not quite sure.. It has been warm here in California.. this weather is totally off..
        We came home to do some cleaning at Mama's house..  It's such a nightmare. I keep wondering what was she thinking,  my Mama that is.. I suppose she just really didn't care at one point, maybe at a lot of points.. I'm so broken these days that it's so hard for me to do much of anything.  My back is done and my neck as well.  I have been going to the Chiropracter for the last few weeks.. I'm suppose to go today but I just don't have it in me after cleaning yesterday.. Nope just not going to happen.. It's terrible when you have to be sick or broken and age doesn't help..Boy I tell ya if my back was okay I would have a lot more done..
So off this subject... lol

I totally enjoy this pattern of Rose Chintz.. It's so pretty.. I have aquired quite a few pieces It's made by Johnson Bros. co.  Lovely pattern.. One day I would like to purchase the Tea pot.. but sometime in the future.. lol not that I really need another one but I do love the pattern I have dinner plates bowls etc.. So why not the Tea pot.. a girl can't have to many Tea pot.. Right. wink... 

The weather is so nice I wouldn't mind having lunch in the garden.. I love my Bumble Bee Tea pot and cups and saucers.. I only wish to find some plates and the sugar and creamer to match.. but they can't be found no where.. I'm really wondering if I'm going to see Mama's house fixed.. It's seems so difficult and way beyond reach.. Who knows only God.. cause I surely don't.. Since I have cancelled my Chiropracter appointment.  I think I will go through some things to sell.. Thinking to post some things on my Facebook.. I have many friends who might be interested.  Maybe I will post some here as well.. Will see.. wishing you all a lovely day filled with Love n Sunshine where ever you are..
With Love 

p.s. Happy Autumn...


  1. Good Morning, Janice. I saw your red tea pot on my blog, and had to come over and see. You know how much I love red. Your rose chintz tea cup is so pretty. I've seen them before while out shopping. We just moved into our new home, and settling in and decorating and all. It's always nice to see your tea treasures. The bumble bee tea set is so cute too. I hope you get your mom's house cleared out, that's definitely a process. It's nice to visit with you this Autumn day, and you know, it's my favorite season of all.

    Take care, my friend.


  2. Hi Janice....Nice to see your post. Sorry you are passing a difficult time.

    As for your Mama's house, I hope, with all my heart, it will become your dream have such lovely things and an interior decorator's touch in arranging things. It will be a LOVELY house with your special talents.

    Why not focus on the progress that has been made and just do a tiny bit at a time? Susan

  3. Dear Janice, i wish you to resolve your problems. I love your teapot and your teatime!