Thursday, July 1, 2021


 💕🦋❤️ Good evening everyone, I know once again I haven’t posted in a while.  I been busy busy and even recently got Covid.  On Mother’s Day at that… I couldn’t believe it I been good for over a year and boom out of no where.. I pretty much stay home barely go anywhere not even with my family.. but I went to visit my daughter’s house and next thing I know I was so very sick with fever it was terrible.  But I thank the Lord for taking care me all this time.  I still can’t taste or smell.  But are much better now.  And finally are having some energy to do anything… so I had been trying to change out my kitchen completely from blue and white and ducks.  It has been a challenge for sure.  When you get older it gets a little tuff.. it has been taking me forever to switch out but slowly I’m getting there..

These are my Pioneer Woman rolling pins that I collected.. there are more but these are the ones that I like.

My sweet red chicken wire cabinet… it reminds me of a vintage one..

And my other little cabinet that I had bought from Ross a couple years ago and I knew that I wanted it but 
Didn’t know where to put it but since I changed decor, it found its place in my kitchen.  I just added some decals from Pioneer woman..

A bread box from Michael’s store and Pioneer woman wall paper available online Walmart 

And these are the new decal’s which I’m totally loving… well it’s getting late and it is time to bible read with the boys.  I’m hoping that I can start blogging more and start to visit with all of y’all.. 
with love Janice❤️✨🌺🌿


  1. So very pretty. I love your collection of rolling pins.

  2. Greetings, Janice. What a lovely surprise to find your blog. I am pleased that you are well and caring for your grandsons. I have thought of you and wished you the best over the years. Please do try to post more and keep your readers posted about how you are doing. Happy 4th of July.

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