Wednesday, February 17, 2021

 Hi there... I just thought Id take a moment and pop in.  It has been a very long time since I posted here.  So much has happened and I have been very busy with so much.  As the years have passed by I have came and looked at my post and some of yours.  But had no desire to jump back in.. I don’t really have the time.    As I have turned 63 in January I realize how tired I have become as well.. with not a lot of energy as before ..  Plus the two young boys I care for fill my days.  Some days are not so ruff and other days I barely make it by.  I know though the Lord is here seeing me through it all,  This was and is His great plan for the moment.  But I-am glad it is He who gives me great strength each and every day.. My mom and dad are gone and both my brothers so it is just I left, which is a odd feeling at times.  Though I have my five children their lives are busy .. and most of the times the boys leave on Saturday and come back

Sunday evenings... I’m still buying Pioneer Woman dishes and things.. and I’m over bounds full to the brim with it.. I have tons of it but I love every inch of it..  Here are a few photos, a new tea cup and saucer by her.. comes in four different patterns and its a set.. so sweeta and has  a rack for them..well my dear friends have to go and help the boys with home schooling issues love and hugs Lala, ..😘♥️💕🙏


  1. Hi, I am new to your blog. I have been on a long blog break myself. God bless you as I know your days are busy and stressful. I am thankful the Lord gives us strength when we feel we cannot go on, I adore your gorgeous PW dishes and decor. So cheerful. I offer my sympathy in the loss of your parents and brothers. My husband, brother and sister are struggling and my parents have passed too. I am 63 and live in Georgia.

  2. I remember your blog well and it has been missed. I enjoyed seeing your Pioneer Woman dish ware and also your beautiful crocheted pieces that you made. Glad you posted. Take care and best wishes. Please post when you can.

  3. How lovely to see your post, Janice. I have thought of you and wondered how you were doing. I LOVE your Pioneer Woman stuff. Sooooo pretty. Are you still working on your mother's cottage? Nice to hear from you. Susan

  4. Such lovely photos,love the China. Like me, I can’t resist it either
    Stay safe