Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello everyone...

          O my it’s rainning away here in San Francisco.  It rainned all night long.  I could hear it in my slummber...   Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all are off to a good start with the New Year.  I have been busy as usal running off to the Lord’s house studying my daughter is going to have a baby any day now.  So we have been cleaning up and out the house organizing things and whatnots.  And in between that I try to work on mamas house still getting rid of things.  The basement is almost done.  Then there’s the attic.  But that is on holt because the back deck had to come down.  It is pretty much rotted..  Yay.. another issue.  But the Lord is dirrecting traffic so to speak.  Things are happening through him.  It’s all a long story and one day I will share it all with you..  I’m so so grateful he is in my life !!!  I was cleaning a bit in the living room and I was playing with a vintage dish that I truly love and my Pioneer woman dishes..   

                       I love this pattern, it feels so victorian to me.  The under plate is from Pioneer woman.  And I so love it as well...

          The lovely bowl that goes with the set...  it is a mix and match set for four...

          And a Johnson Bro.  Friendly village teapot to go with...

           The winter scene...   

           And a pretty Royal Albert teacup called Marquerite I once seen on another  blog called Rose Chintz cottage    
  Here is the link.      ://
  a lovely lady named Sandy shows such lovely teapots and teacups and much more.  Some of you may know her. 
 You should stop by and visit some time.  But I had fallen in love and just had to get her..  

          I’am a big lover of sweet daisies..  I adore them have since I was a young girl....

          The little sweet birds in this photo are by Pioneer Woman, salt and pepper set..    the other thing I 
love is angels...  

                   Well dearest I have things to do...  so a quick post and off I go..  much love to all
                                                                  and with love, Janice.
                        Ps dearest as soon as I get another free moment I will tell you what I do 
                                  With the candied yams...😘🌺💞🌺🌿


  1. Those dishes are beautiful!

    Be sure to keep us updated on the baby. :)

  2. All so pretty, Janice. I love Pioneer Woman china and everything. I had not seen those sweet birdies. So glad you have them. Take care and have a lovely week, dear Janice. Susan

  3. All the dishes are pretty with the mix and match settings. Looking forward to hearing how you do the yams!

  4. Love the beautiful mix and match settings and the teapot was a real delight.

  5. Your table setting is lovely with the Victorian plate!

  6. Everything is so romantic. Your china is fabulous and your vignettes are dreamy. Looking forward to hearing about your new baby

  7. You have mixed and matched your Pioneer Woman items with items of your own, and it looks really nice, Janice. I love the blue tea cups, and the Royal Albert teacup is gorgeous. Angels, Victorian fans, tea have all my favorites on here today, Janice. It's been raining here too, and I appreciate all the rain we get. I'm wondering if you have a new grandbaby yet?

    love, ~Sheri