Tuesday, December 26, 2017

(Backup) A liitle behind

✨💞🌸Hello my friends,
I’m so behind just so much going on with church the Holidays I really haven’t had much time to post..
 so sorry everyone.  I hope everyone is doing fine and you all had a great Christmas with you families.  
My Christmas was fine.  We had Christmas dinner at my son and daughter in laws house I did most of 
the cooking and the girls helped..  
     Here is my turkey in my ole enamel roaster...  its finally getting some chipping so sadly..
      Green beans going on...
     Mash potato done....
     A ton of devil eggs because everyone likes them so so much...
My youngest daughter to the left no make up sorry lol...  my sweet daughter in law right side
.. my daughter preparing the mac and cheese..

     The small pan of candied yams some where there is a large dish...

         Punch I made ...  it was suppose to be white with green and white red sprinkles, all the stores 
were out of seven up and no red white green sprinkles to be found..  but it still was good...

   My daughter in law making a plate for my son...  Turkey ham mash potatoes yams green beans mac and
 cheese biscuits stuffing.. I decided next year I’m not cooking time will 60 next month and I have been 
cooking since I was 12.  I enjoy it but not anymore all day long...
     Me lol ha, there is something on my apron..lol
A pineapple upside down cake a sweet young lady made by scratch she did a great job tasted wonderful...credit to Stephanie...

     Ha there is the large candied yams. Was so busy almost burnt them...  
     Two mac and cheese all done...  Victoria my daughter great job...
     Using all my Pioneer woman things forgot a photo of the table ...humm

     Me getting the yams cut up and ready...  thanks giving I tried to use can yams my grand daughter notice right away and said Grandma, I don’t think so lol I never use can yams so these were specially for her, Rosalinda.....  she look my grandma made them for me lol...  any how it was a long wonderful day...  I hope you all made wonderful memories.  ...         🎄❤️.Merry Christmas to all. With love Janice...



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day, your meal looked delicious. What a blessing to be surrounded by family.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas to you and have a great New Year too!

    I love the turkey in the old oval enamelware pan

    Reminds me of Christmas past at my grandmothers on Christmas

  4. Great time,sweet friend!Everything looks delicious!Happy New Year!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day and a delicious Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas Janice :)


  6. Great job cooking, Janice. Oh boy, everything looked great. You are amazing. Hope your holiday was splendid and that the new year ahead will be, too. Susan

  7. Janice, I have to say that is the best looking food I've seen!! A lot of hard work went into that meal. Bet you were tired out after it was all over. I don't have a dishwasher and it took me three hours to clean up the kitchen after all the family left on Christmas Day. Both my daughters offered to help, but I told them no, I had rather visit with them and clean later. It was worth every dirty dish though. :) Happy New Year!!

  8. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful feast for Christmas, Janice! I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  9. Janice, I hope someday you will share a recipe for your yams! I use canned ones, but not so good. Your food looks so yummy!

  10. Wow!! Everything looks so good!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am so far behind in my return visits!! Happy New Year to you!!! And also Happy Birthday in advance!! Mine is on the 31st.