Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello Party Monday...

Good afternoon lovelies, 
                  I hope you are well this Monday afternoon...  I had a quite weekend home with just me..  Which was enjoyable...  Got some cleaning done that seemed impossible to do otherwise..  
      I used my Homer Laughlin teapot, for the first time...  It has been waiting patiently on the buffet.  So I washed her up and put her on a tray...
     Added my Hazel Sercio teacup and saucer...  Which is my most favorite of all times..  I collected these dishes over a thirty something year period of time.. Tracing around with mama in the thrift stores here and there...
     These were the last pieces I got finally years later the sugar was the hardest and most expensive of all...  The teapot is a different maker but the closes to matching the set.  As far as I know there isn't a matching teapot....
    The flowers are close, but a tad faded....   Flowers on the lid..  And gold trim all around...

      For years and years I called them my grannie dishes they don't have a printed name on them...   But with online searching a couple of years ago I found the name...
     So happy when I found the sugar bowl,  but it was online and the first one I saw was $54.00 dollars oh no I thought...  No way over the years I barely paid that for the whole set.. .  Finally after months and months I finally found this one for $15.00 I think it was....
      I have two of these, which this one have a thin crack the other one is perfect...  But I bet I paid something like $1.49. Big difference right...
     Tea is ready...  Awe peace and quit and a nice cuppa....

                                                ....   LOVELY  ....
         That's all dearest...   Off to do some more cleaning im the living room..  
Have a wonderful new week.       With love.   Janice...   


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  1. What pretties your teapot, creamer and sugar bowl are. You would think they are a set, as they look very similar. I love the flowers and that little gold rim is the perfect touch. This 'set' is such a lovely shape. Enjoy that tea.....and have some fun doing a little more cleaning.

  2. Janice, I love that you were so patient in collecting that set! And it does indeed look like a set. I'm always happy to meet another tea friend.

  3. Dear Janice:
    Oh how lovely this turned out! You have such a lovely teapot there and also MADE IN THE GOOOD OLE USA! That's special! I am so pleased you shared and linked.

  4. Love the pleated blue and white napkin too!

  5. Oh your teaset is gorgeous! Just my cuppa tea.


  6. I always enjoy hearing about how you acquire pieces in your collection, Janice! Your mismatched tea set blend together beautifully!

  7. Hello Janice....Sometimes being home alone is the best treat of all. Nice tea set. Susan

  8. Quite time at home is always a joy and ever so refreshing :)

    Your tea pot is quite the little beauty! I bet tea tastes even more wonderful from it.

    Have a delightful week, Janice. Hugs!

  9. Hi: I love that pattern, it reminds me of my mother. It was her china that she gave to me and I since have given it to my daughter. Good to hear that all is well. Blessings, Martha

  10. To me, the pieces all seem like a matching set, Janice, and I can see why they're your favorite. With all that cleaning, you deserve a nice tea break! I hope you have a happy week.

  11. Hello Janice, lovely tea cups and they look fabulous together. There is nothing wrong with alone time. I hope you have a fabulous week. As always I appreciate you sharing your pretties at DI&DI. xo

  12. Patience is a virtue. Well done for waiting so long to collect the set, it really is beautiful. Take care.

  13. Lovely teaset Janice. I always like the memories where aand when pieces of collections have been found. Searching for treasures is the fun and then you can satisfied drink your cup of tea.
    Regards from Holland.

  14. Hi Janice,
    I love your pretty teapot and cream, sugar and teacup. Such a pretty pattern and I don't mind your "Granny" nickname for it since I am a grandmother now. Lol. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind words sweet Janice. Happy Tea Time! Blessings, Karen

  15. Hi Janice! Your teapot is just so beautiful! The other dishes you've been collecting for years are perfect with it too! I love those granny dishes. Thanks for popping in to see me. Hope you're having a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Janice, your tea pot is very pretty. I'm lovin' the gold trip around it. It looks like an older piece, like an antique. A cup of tea sounds nice right now.

    I hope you are enjoying these summer days. I'm sure going to miss Nel when she lives in Georgia, but she reassures me it will only be for a couple of years. Then she's back to OUR California again. There's nothing quite like it, is there?

    love, ~Sheri

  17. How beautiful is this tea set Janice. I love tea set, but we are more of a coffee family. I do love gorgeous sets like yours and so happy you shared at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

  18. Hello, Janice, I do love your beautiful tea-set and the story of how long it took you to gather all the pieces of your beautiful dishes. That is the fun, isn't it? - hunting and gathering those very special little things that make a house a home! My heart did a little tug when you said that you used to go with your dear Mother antiquing.....I did the same with my Mum and oh, how I miss her every day. I have so many little treasures from those days and whenever I see them, I think of her and the fun we used to have. Your pretty cloth tray liner is quite unusual and perfect and your tea is just lovely. Hugs and wishing you a happy week! xx Karen

  19. Hello Janice,
    I am very impressed with your wonderful HL collection! What dedication you have had, and I applaud your dedication to finding them cheap! lol! I wouldn't have paid the $54 either for the sugar bowl. Your patience paid off : ) It is a lovely setting to see them all together.

  20. What a charming set! So perfect for a little tea break.

  21. Collected over 30 years ! Thats wow

  22. Being home alone is a good thing for all. I love this romantic teapot and the teacup. This is a very romantic teatime

  23. Dear Janice:
    This post was featured on my blog today - thanks and congratulations!

  24. I just love Homer Laughlin! How pretty! And your photos are wonderful!