Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday afternoon....

      Helo everyone,   I want to thank all the new bloggers who stopped in to visit.  It was such a pleasure to have you all.  Today is just a calm family day.  Yesterday I cleaned all day some spring/summer cleaning.  The day before that I cleaned the garden..  Boy younever really realize how much stuff you have till you have to dust it all..   Phew..,  but there is only a few things that I'm thinking to rid of sorry kids he he their always complanning mom you have to much things.  Maybe so but it took a life time to gather it all..
      These little tiny pink roses I found one day a walking down a dirt road path that I used to walk up when I was a kid going to a from school as a young girl.  At that time it didn't have these flowers...
     They smell so so good..  I wanted to try and make a starter....  But I didn't get it done..
     A vintage lace dresser tray...  Found years ago on dad's truck....

      A vintage compact....
     A little silver comb case with a comb inside and a small mirror..  Also found on dad's truck...
     Large mirror with a dent in the handle it was that way when I found it..  Just gave it charm..

     I love this braclet, silver and broken vintage china heart...   All my silver is due for a cleaning...
                         With love, Janice
                                                (Things in my room)

                     Back to the party....


  1. Such beautiful things, I love the tray. Take care.

  2. Such a beautiful vintage objects, I love that tray and the combcase.... You photographed it all together superb.

  3. Pretty---pretty. I surround myself from things from my past and my family's past. Better than video games and plastic dolls from comic books...although those can be fun too. We just have to have what makes us happy---and I'm sure you could easily live surrounded by some of my things, as we seem to love the same type of items. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  4. Some beautiful items and a lovely pink rose. I really enjoyed your post Janice, thanks for sharing.
    I'm curious though; you often mention things you got off your father's truck, what business was he in, if I may ask?


  5. I love your flowers and all of vintage items especially the tray and the bracelet

  6. Janice, you know, dusting is my least favorite thing to do. I think that's why I don't have too much stuff on the tables. Your vintage tray is beautiful. And I love that vintage bracelet. You always have the most unique and wonderful things. I enjoy looking at them all.

    love, ~Sheri