Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Mornin Chatter...

~ `* Good lovely Morning to you...
I'm pooped out today, we worked really hard yesterday cleaning out a room..
But thank goodness it's empty now except for a large cedar closet and some 
empty bins and one bin full of tools
and a square Oak Table which I decided to keep and paint maybe white not sure 
The photos that I'm sharing with you are from about a month ago..
and I just didn't have the time.. but I'm still at Mama's house and since my body is tired 
I thought I would sit down and share them with you...
Freesia's are just beautiful.. 
I enjoy the Garden so much..
Ready for a cuppa...
I love this teacup..I found it along time ago somewhere's
but it didn't have a saucer 
and years later I found a saucer to match I think at the Salvation Army..
I have two..
the Blue is just so rich in color..
Tea in the Garden is the best early morning when there's total peace and the birds are
chirping about... 
I keep waiting for those sweet summer mornings..
I really can't wait till I can sit on the deck at Mama's house looking out over the 
bay.. having tea..
Some new linens I found ...
The work they did back in the days was just exquisite fine and delicate..
The embroidered one is a small table topper and the other blue is a table cloth with four napkins
to match..  
Just really lovely, I adore things like this and it's like brand new like they never used it maybe
once ....I think it will do well with my teapot...
This Blue is lovely ...
One day soon I will set my table with this table cloth and napkins...

A little more Garden..
I'm really loving this little Green house...
Everything's coming up good..
Well I have a bunch to do today.. even though my body is saying no plz no. I still have
some other things to handle..
I wish you all a wonderful New Week


  1. Cara Janice,sempre belle le cose che posti!Adoro la tua bella teiera e la serra per le piantine!Bacioni,Rosetta

  2. Lovely post and vintage Janice..blessings

  3. A lovely post Janice!...How lucky you were to have found the saucer to match your pretty blue cup and the embroidered linen does match your tea pot so perfectly...I love your little greenhouse ♥ (we're growing sunflowers too ;-) )
    Susan x

  4. Hi Janice! This is such a beautiful post...the lovely tea pot, the blue patterned teacup and it's matching saucer, the embroidered linen set...all so lovely! I love the little greenhouse too. Congratulations on the birth of your adorable little grandchild! Such happy news!!! xo Paulette

  5. Your teapot is a pretty one and the teacup is too. Isn't it nice when we find the matching saucer to a cup? Your little green house is really cute! Love the linens and they are treasures, to be sure. Little treasures from yesteryear. A lovely posting and thank you for sharing it with us and joining me for tea. Don't overdo it too much and enjoy your week.


  6. Darling treasures you've shared! I agree, I adore the amount of detail, LOVE, and work that went into creating something much better than the way it is mass-produced now! :)

  7. Purging is hard work but definitely worth the effort! I'm glad that you got some much-deserved relaxation with a cup of tea. Your teapot (it looks like a Sadler?) and teacup are beautiful! I've always been a fan of the Blue Willow design.

  8. I love your pretty towels like petite point. Your teapot is really sweet and with your lovely music on your blog we are taken away to "relax land"!

  9. Hi Janice

    I have always liked blue willow and always a pretty tea pot also.
    I just may have to get my little rose tea pot out while my company is here

    Janice@ Curtains in My Tree

  10. Hi Janice,
    I love your blue and white teacup and pretty teapot. Your garden flowers look lovely too. Your quote at the bottom is just what I need to hear today! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  11. Love your sweet post Janice. Your linens are beautiful. And a very impressive greenhouse.