Friday, June 19, 2015

Liberty Blue...
Good Mornin... I just love this this pattern..
I love the beautiful rim of Flowers...
They attract me very much...
This was the first piece I found of this pattern at the Salvation Army...
I recently bought this butter dish for a wonderful price..
I just love it and it came in its original box..
These flowers on them really capture me..

Liberty Blue Made in England..
I'm sitting here this morning with sore hands. from all the cleaning we been doing
it's taking a tole on me..
I can barely bend my fingers this morning or close my hand to a fist .. can't do it..
So I'm trying to sit and relax a bit..I'm ready for some tea what about you...
Just so beautiful... I thought I re-share at my Johnson Bros.  Dover teapot..
It has rich Blue color like the Liberty Blue..
It is so beautifully detailed all down the handle and around the lid Front and Back sides

Ready lets have some tea...
Creamer & Sugar.. 
I started this post this morning but decided I was hungry and there 
wasn't any food here at Mama's house so I took off to run get some scrabbled eggs
and Oatmeal and a orange juice.  I was coming right back
Left the computer on .. But I never got back lol till 8pm..I ended up going home to feed the dog and clean her paper then I decided to wash laundry the sun was out.. then lol I went outside to hang it 
and the Garden ask me to play lol...all day long.. Now my Garden is nice and 
clean for the moment.. and most of the Laundry is washed ..and I cleaned the bird cage and 
vacuumed I'm really tired now and but I finished my post..
so Goodnight and Blessings
(My Sweetpea)
Wishing you all a very lovely weekend 
with love.. 


  1. Loving all your blue pieces, so bright and fresh.


  2. Oh my, I love that tea set, it is just beautiful and all your Liberty Blue pieces! Great post.

  3. So beautiful! That teapot set is gorgeous! I really love that. Glad you showed it again, because I don't remember it. You are such a collector! I can't imagine where you put it all. It makes me want to run get on ebay and see what I can find. Haha...just what I need. Go buy more stuff so I can pack it before we move. It's so pretty though. Sounds like you had a full day and got some things done. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. That is a lovely tea set Janice. I love Johnson brothers too. Sound like you had a very busy day enjoying the garden and finishing the housework. Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Hi very nice to meet you. Your pics are really beautiful......I am in my "BLUE PERIOD" also....only I'm painting everything we own blue. LOL LOL. I'm following you as well as it sounds like life has dealt us similar situations.