Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just a little chatter..

I'm definitely ready for a cuppa.... What about you.. I have been running around all day 
with my youngest son...
We took the recycle and made 56.00 dollars.  that was pretty nice...
Then we ran off to Lowe's to get one thing lol and ended up buying a bunch of things..
Two large Green Flower pots for Mama's front of the house...
Someone broke the large white one 
So I told my son instead of  another ceramic one.  They had some heavy pretty Green Plastic ones...
I decided I'm going to paint the house when the time comes 
a pretty Green with Off White trim..
It was Green once upon a time ago..So it shall be again..
So we bought dirt and some other things needed 
Came to Mama's and change the pots..
It's looks better now..
Then we went off to Ace's Hardware to get an outside drain cover.. So I'm glad we got 
a few things done artound here.. There is still so much more that needs to be done but as 
the weather improves we can work on things...
( Thank you son, well both my two younger boys for helping me out today)

So this weekend is Mama's One year of her passing...
and we plan to get together.. My sister and her kids Me and my kids and some Grand babies that would be Mama's Great grand children...
Life is amazing.. I look and think gee, so much has gone on, but yet very little has happened.
If that makes any sense...
As a family though I feel we have accomplished much
At least me and my children
we have come closer...
I'm so very grateful for that.. we are all we have now and we 
need to appreciate each other and I tell my children that once I'm gone they will only have
each other So please build a strong relationship among each other and respect each other and learn
to work things out with each other calmly...
I miss my Mama terribly a lot
Don't kno if It will ever calm down.  It just seems more each day..
but I don't feel as bad so maybe in time the pain and missing her so much will
Well I want to thank you for your visits and lovely comments
I appreciate your friendships
Have a wonderful rest of the week...
We will be cleaning and preparing for Sunday Gathering
with the family
With love 


  1. I hope you have a wonderful get together with your family friend. Such an inspiring post of strength and love. You really know what matters in life.....sending you think thoughts. Nicole xoxo

  2. Janice, your sons sound like such good helpers. I'm so glad that in all the sadness of losing your mom, that you and your family are becoming closer. That's nice to hear. I try to get our family all together every now and then since my mom passed, and I see my brother for coffee often.

    Guess what? My mom's house was green too, and still is.

    Have a nice weekend doing the things you love, Janice.


  3. I pray you and your family have a wonderful time together. Bless you friend ♡

  4. Hello sweet friend! I truly hope you and your loved ones had a beautiful time is precious.

    Hugs to you, dear Janice!

  5. I'm sure your son will help you. I wish the best.

  6. Bless your heart. I think we will always miss those we love ......and have lost. Sounds like your sons are a good help! Have a wonderful get together with your family!

  7. Dear goodness, a whole year has gone by already? I think the first year after we loose a dear one is the hardest. I hope that this next year will be a bit better for you. Nice to stop by and hear what you are up to. I think of you often.