Friday, March 27, 2015

The beginning of Spring....

Such a wonderful time of year, don't you think so..
Yesterday was a wonderful day I put Clothes on the line they dried fast which is really nice
because then you can wash and hang out another load..
I love hanging laundry out it smells so fresh and clean..
I suppose I'm a bit of a old fashion girl..
even when I was young and first married I hung clothes out on the line a lot..
diapers as well.  I used cloth diapers on all my children 
even when they came out with disposables ones.. The only time I used the disposables 
was when I was going out on a long day trip..
funny the things you do.. 
Here are my tiny daffodils all bloomed out..
I was thinking why I didn't have any large ones and I don't have a
I have a bunch of little ones humm...

I love this new little pot I found.. and I'm so upset with me that I didn't run back and get a few more because when I did they were all gone... they were a bit pricey though  but I love the tallness of them which you
usually don't find..they are always short and fat..and that's my new little duck inside the pot.. he was half off.. yippy
the pot was 7.99

These are my winter harvest of little Carrots.. I still have some more but I didn't want to remove them all at once cause then what do I do with them.. 
Awe and there is my one Asparagus stem.. they are coming out now.. this is my third year so I 
should finally get some decent ones will see... 

Last of the Swiss Chard and some Parsley my plant is huge..well there are two but they are really
big.  My second mom used to freeze it.  When I grew years ago she would say when you get to much
bring it over to me and I will freeze it.. she was Italian and used it a lot.
Miss her ..Life..

And of course I always pick little flowers for my Kitchen window I love seeing them there..
I truly enjoy my window.. many of times I have dreamed of having a big pane window with shelves running
across to fill it up with Blue glass..
there is nothing more prettier to me then when the sun shines right through it..

I can't get a good position to take a good Photo, I believe it's because the sun in shinning towards me..
But  when I walk into the kitchen and see that sun shinning through them bottle etc...
I just love it...

The Lady upstairs from me gave me these two new wine bottles because she knew I liked Blue glass,
sweet of her.. The real tall on I found years ago at a thrift store.. but this really isn't anything
I have a bunch of other Blue glass 

The other window by the back door.. Blue glass too.. 
Well I'm suppose to be cleaning here at Mama's house but honestly I'm not in the mood
So shhhh I'm going to leave and go get me a chicken Salad and run off  to somewhere..
So here's wishing you a lovely Spring Day
and a fantastic weekend..
with love
p.s. Be back soon
visit my crocheting blog to see what I've been up too
just click and it will take you there
by now..


  1. Hello Dear Janice.

    Oh, your blue bottles look SOOOOO pretty. I can imagine them in Mama's house, when you have it all remodeled! So adorable.

    Hope you have a delightful weekend. Susan

  2. So good to visit you Janice. The flowers, vegetables, and all that beautiful blue glass was so much fun seeing today. Blessings dear friend ♡

  3. thanks for sharing...lovely post!

  4. Hi Janice! :) Your blue glass collection is just beautiful! I love your pictures...those carrots are beautiful too. They must have been delicious. You're farther along springtime wise than us here on Long Island. It snowed here all day yesterday and everything is covered in white again this morning. I freeze my parsley just like your second mom did. I wash it all and then make up little packages to put in the freezer. I still have a bunch left from last fall. I'm going over to your crochet blog now because that little picture looked so beautiful! Nice to meet you. :) Paulette

  5. Your blue bottles looks wonderful. The blooms are so pretty and the carrots too.

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  7. Oh I just love love love blue! The bottles are so pretty and I love the little lantern. The carrots look amazing. Your blog is so interesting all the time.

  8. Janice, I saw your link to Bernideen's Tea with Friends post this evening. I immediately recognized your tea cup/saucer as the Mildred pattern by Mt. Clemens Pottery in Michigan, from 1939!!! My husband bought me some pieces since my name is Mildred. Just thought you might like to know if you did not know the pattern. You can look at other pieces available in it on I enjoyed looking at your blog. Hope you'll stop by mine one day. Happy Easter.