Thursday, February 19, 2015

A view..

 Misty photo.. 

Today I thought I would share a few of my Gold frame photos in my little hall way
off the living room as you enter 
into the rest of the house...

Seem's I can't have a blank wall what so ever.. 
it's just not me
funny how we become who we are and what we like and enjoy
They say, well I have been told I'm truly Victorian
meaning in their voice 
I have a busy house..

I rather like my busy house in my opinion, thank you very much
It just seem to grow and grow, the photos on the wall I'm talking about
Paintings from the past from Dad's truck
I had them for years never used them, then all of a sudden
I had a place for them
then came a few from the thrift store
then frames with no photos
and before you know it
my wall was full

Well I guess I'am Victorian
What are you...

With love 
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pss... it's really growing.. My Amarillo blub.. Pretty soon will see the flower..


  1. i just love in holland the decorations are different...but i guess its up to every person to decorate as they very nice janice..blessings soraya

  2. What a treasure trove of pretty frames and paintings/photos in your hallway. I've often thought of putting up a display of family photos. I like lots of things to look at, but then I also like the clean uncluttered look. A contradiction that makes decorating a challenge for me. Wendy

  3. Hi Janice: I love how you don't like empty walls, neither do I. I just added more plates to my wall today. I love to just sit and look at something pretty. Your home is perfect. Thanks for visiting, I have missed you. Blessings, Martha

  4. This corner of your home is very victorian. I love all of your beatiful frames.

  5. You are truly a Victorian lady! I would love to just look and look at your lovely busy house! So beautiful! I am going over to visit your crochet blog!