Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mornings in the Garden...

* ~ ` My new teapot set.. It was a steal really was... I had bid on one and lost and then this set came along for way less than the first which was just the teapot... I have always wanted this pattern as well... The tea cups were separate...But there is another teapot with a different shape but same Roses which are Just beautiful.. I'm a huge lover Of Roses.. I mean huge. I buy myself Roses all the time.. can't live without them...

* ~ `   But at any rate I love the little shape of this one more than the other shape.. It just seems more cozy like to me.. I love tea in the early morning out in the Garden.. we here in San Francisco have had some lovely days the last few ... This morning was a little hazy.. but it cleared up pretty much.. So I have been about in the Garden cleaning and I bought a few plants.. I'm so trying to keep my mind busy and off Of missing Mama... which I horribly do.. My best friend is gone and man let me say this I appreciate every moment of her even though we had some ruff days.. Mama would have loved this pattern as well.. I have loved this for I mean years and years..

* ~ ` Little pop bellies... just so silly cute.. Of course the creamer..

* ~ `  Sweet round sugar bowl..
 Royal Albert...Old Country Roses ... But this is made in Indonesia.. but I don't mind..

* ~ `  One of the new tea cups to match.. but I recently seen a photo and there are the cups to this.. but I haven't found one yet maybe in the future but at any rate these will do just fine for me they are all so lovely the tea cup is made in England..

* ~ ` Tea with me in the Garden.. pull up a seat and let chat a while.. My Garden photos.. a new Spring Garden arising from behind.. The birds are chirping in the trees running about from limb to limb.. Blue birds and little Yellow finiches.. saying soon soon it will be here...

* ~ ` New seat cushion for the old Iron bench.. maybe this year I will get it painted... 

* ~ ` Our new white Garden me and Isaiah   

I love mint don't you... I thought I'd put some in this hanging basket it doesn't grow to well in pots so will see the birds like to steal the straw from the basket and the moss for their nest...

           New lettuce... and later some Zucchini Lasagna... and fresh basil from the Garden.. 

Ready for the Oven.. .... no noodles.. Just used the Zucchini for them instead..

All done ... Ready to sit down and relax now it's been a long day in the Garden.. Hope you enjoyed your visit..


  1. I love Old Country Roses, don't have any but always looking for it.

  2. adorable tea set and tea time in the garden!

  3. You blog is just so beautiful and oh, I am envious that you have so much going with your garden already! WOW. I so remember a buying trip to SF once in February and the weather was so nice!
    Your china set is really pretty. I like the little teapot.
    Love ya,

  4. Love the shape of your new teapot!! The photos of your garden make me envious. We have snow instead! Can't wait to see the flowers popping up!!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous tea set with the roses! Enjoyed seeing your gardens, and the lasagna looks delish!

  6. What a gorgeous tea display. Old Country Roses is always a show stopper. How fortunate you are to find these pieces for a steal. Your new garden looks lovely.

    I am sure your sweet mama is watching you from above.



  7. What a pretty tea set! Old Country Roses is such a charming pattern. I can't wait to sit in my garden with a cup of tea :)