Friday, December 5, 2014

Sweet Brambly Hedge....

Brambly Hedge is a community of mice that carry out their daily activities and live in homes that have intriguing addresses like. Crabapple Cottage and the Old Oak Palace and the Hornbeam Tree.  I have just recently discoved the Mice Of Brambly Hedge.... I adore them completely !  there is Poppy Eyebright and Primrose Woodmouse  who live there.. There is Mrs. Crusty Bread , Teasel  such sweet names... Mr & Mrs. Apple.. By Jill Barklem..

I received this little story book today in the mail.. I was very excited indeed. It's so cute.. I love Primroses and these are just like the ones I have in my Garden...

It's a story about someone's birthday, a little mouse named Wilfred, Mr. & Mrs. Toadflax are his parents...

Everyone was planning a birthday party for him, and he didn't know it ..
Just before my book I had ordered a little trinket round with a lid.. It has this Spring design on the lid... They are quite pricie but if your patient maybe you will find a good deal...

 It's so silly cute to me the chacraters are sweet as can be.. I would love to purchase many more items..  I do have a winter tea cup and saucer on it's way.. I'm trying to get a Spring cup and saucer.. I'm just simply enchanted with them.. I will show you when they arrive...

Today on the street as I was driving by and off to Mama's house me and Victoria.. I saw this end table antique but I couldn't get the drawers to open.. sadly.. but on the ground in a small box I saw some glass things, not that I need anymore with all the things I have or Mama has but they caught my eye..

I thought there were only two but underneath some other wapped items were two more.. I thought they were so cute

Just need to find some saucers to go with them.. I thought they'd be great for the grandbabies.. so I set them aside and continued looking..

 These were there as well, they remind me of the new clear depression glass I found at the Goodwill, one has a tiny chip underside the top of the flower looking part, but you can't see it.. adorable for me.. I usually never stop and look at anything on the street.. but today I did.. I didn't get what I was after but got these little pieces instead.. ..

Got this little item too... I thought it would be great for decor in the bathroom at Mama's house. Either some cute little soaps like back in the days or cotton balls.. I already have two other's one larger round and another with more of a pop belly so to speak.. so q-tips etc.. I plan to use a old  cabinet I have down stairs at Mama's for the sink in the bathroom and old buffet piece.. it's dark wood but I'm going to paint it white.. 
O and if your wondering what's in the back ground...
I will show you.. 

 I just got these from Ebay old Avon.. I always wanted the pitcher one
but never could find all the parts at one time.. then I could never find the stopper.. and the other little piece I never even saw before in my life.. but it's so cute I found them for such a price.. I'm not quite sure what it was but It has a plastic piece on the top with holes so maybe powder or pouporri.. at any rate I love the both of them.  My bathroom will be in these colors with white.. I have the towels already and the bath carpets and a curtain with Hydrangeas in this color and sort of blue turquoise,  just need a curtain for the window which is a long wall window but only so much high.  and some things for the wall.. 

O and behind those are my new Martha and George Goblets.. I have two already that I have had for years but decided I wanted two more to use them on the table for dinning.. Though I never in all the years realized they were just that Martha and George Washington.. wonder why.. I found my first two at Saver thirft store years ago.. I love the internet for this purpose of information.

Brambly Hedge Tea Party... 
Let's join them
I hope that you've gone by and visit Susan Branch's Blog.. 
I love visiting .. 
have a blessed evening 
with love 
(My new Winter Tea cup & saucer)
Can't wait..


  1. Ciao!Che carini questi topolini!Amo questo tipo di libro!Anche i tuoi oggetti hanno bei colori e il tuo bagno sarĂ  bello e delicato!Io conosco il blog si Susan ,mi piace tanto e anche lei!Un bacione,Rosetta

  2. What a nice story, Janice. I love children's books the most. I see you changed your Header name and added Brambly Hedge. We all need to have the heart of a child, and this is delightful for the Christmas season. I hope you are doing well, my friend, and enjoying the season while it lasts.


  3. oh, and I love those blue rose items. They look very old and beautiful. You always find the most interesting things, Janice.


  4. I love all your new pieces of glass and the mouse stufc. My mom has the Avon pitcher and bowl it sits in. Never have seen that other piece either. Yes, I did go to Susan's blog and had fun reading, especially about her train trip! You and your mama have some great stuff. Do you ever sell any of it on eBay? I bet your houses would be fun to look through! Take care.

  5. What a special teacup that is and will makes for lots of happy tea Janice. I love all your pretty pieces too! So glad you linked to Friends Sharing Tea!

  6. Pam I do sell my things I recently opened a facebook page named Lady Bug Rose Cottage.. I only have a few things at the moment.. but I'm working on it.. Thank you ladies for your sweet visits.. I love hooking up with you Bernideen I love to visit your blog.. thank you much love

  7. lovely post janice! wow will keep you in my prayers this new face of your are very talented and im sure you will decorated everything very cute...things will look better and better...God bless you...

  8. I adore these books! Beatrix Potter is one of my favourite writer. Your blue roses items are so lovely.

  9. Love your winter teacup! I have a mug like it I found at a thrift store last year. Love your header, too!

  10. Love your winter teacup! I have a mug like it I found at a thrift store last year. Love your header, too!