Tuesday, December 30, 2014

On my Coffee Table...

Such a busy little place it is my coffee table.. I don't think I could enjoy an empty coffee table at all... If fact I don't think I could completely enjoy anything totally with nothing sitting of it... I have been told that I'm definetely Victorian... because of the many things I have around.. Well take a look at this lovely Teapot.. the Blue color is devine... I love love the color of Blue that it is...This is a Hall Teapot from I think back in the 1940's or earlier I can't remember for sure.. They come in many colors but this one Blue color is one of which aren't many.. The first one I purchased back a few months ago was a lovely burgandy but it arrived broken and I was all to sad because it was in perfect condition.. the gold was nice as you will find many of them are worn on the gold parts.. this one is perfect conditon as well so glad the price wasn't much as most of them if you look well you can find the cheaper ones.. At any rate I adore them...

I love the style and I love the gold all around it it  makes it sort of fancy like elegant if you may... don't you think so ?

 And a sweet teacup to match... I think they are the perfect match.. It has a lovely Blue Morning Glory inside and some other Blue tiny flowers .. It looked much better in person than my photo came out..

See the sweet Morning Glory I love Morning Glories ... This teacup speaks Spring to me... I thought it would be a great lift me up post.. to see something lovely and sunny...

 I have found another one on Ebay and one more but its on bid so i might not win it.. but it's okay.. I would like to have four if possible but two will do..

I have another teapot the same style but a little bit smaller than the Blue one.

And I love this one just as much as the others... It's a creamy Off white... I'm looking for some teacups to match but haven't found a good price on any so far.. I did find one set but the price was to high...

I do have this sweet Rose teacup for now.   I have had this one for quite a while it came from United Kingdom... It was one of the first several teacups I had purchased on line...

The backside has a Yellow Rose and little burnt Orange one..

Sweet candle...

Sweet dish of vintage dress and round potholders....

A stack of writing journals, besides the Gone with Wind Book... I love to use them for writing recipes in.. I found all these at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago.. sometimes you find some really pretty ones for way cheap compaired to the regular stores which usually are 10 dollars and above... don't know if you can see the pretty white beaded one.. The thick one a friend gave it to me last year Christmas it has doggie foot prints all over it and on the pages.. so nice of him... I'd say that I have a busy coffee table..but honestly I like all of my things.  I change my coffee table often.. I added a lot of greens to it this time I wanted a change...

A little oval photo..

A new Fire King Sugar bowl with lid.. you have no idea how long I have been trying to find a one in good shape for a decent price.. well this was a bit more than I would usually pay.. but since it was in such great condition I happly purchased it.. It is lovely indeed... 
So now I have the Creamer and Sugar Bowl
Two sets of cups and saucers
Four dinner plates and a Oval platter..
I so wish they had a tea pot to match
There is one Teapot I have seen on Pinterest it's lovely with a green glass knob on top, boy I wish
I'm sure it doesn't even exsit because other than this I have never seen one like it...

 I do have a green teapot but wrong color green...

Well I hope that you have enjoyed your visit... I love when you stopp in, I enjoy your comments as always
The New Year is almost here
wishing you a safe entry..
with Love 


  1. Beautiful vintage teapot! Yes, the touches of gold makes it prettier and fancy.
    The darling teacup to match is also lovely. I just recived a beauty from my mom for C'mas. I will share in the New Year.
    Happy 2015 and many blessings.

  2. Your collection is just exquisite friend! I love everything that carries a story and your vignette up there with all of your beautiful pieces creates such a stunning setting! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!! Nicole xo

  3. Bellissime le tue tazze e le tue teiere!Così dolce e romantico!Cara Janice,BUON ANNO!Rosetta

  4. Beautiful tea pot. I have that same sugar bowl without the lid though. Blessings friend

  5. Your teapots are lovely trimmed in their gold, Janice! Pretty teacups too. Collecting tea wares is so much fun, isn't it? Thank you for joining my tea party this week and Happy New Year. All the best in 2015!


  6. It's so nice to meet you, Janice! I love your teapots with the gold trim and your teacups are so pretty, too. What lovely treasures you've found.
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. lovely post as always..Janice thanks for visiting my blog...i wish you all the best this new 2015 take care ...loves soraya

  8. Hi: I love your home and the tea pots. We share a lot of the same tastes in things. My favorite tea cup is the square shape one. You have a beautiful home. Wishing you all of God's best this New Year. Hugs, Martha

  9. Lovely post. Oh the cup with the morning glories is so sweet with the blue teapot. That is such an appealing blue. SO happy to have visited today. I'm your newest follower

  10. I must have some victorian blood in me too Janice because I don't have a lot of clean clear places in my home. People talk about storing pretties and change things out from time to time but I have to admit that if I like something I want to enjoy seeing it out not stored somewhere. Happy new year to you and your family Janice.

  11. I adore your coffee table and especially the tea pot. Happy new year to you, sweet friend!

  12. Dear Janice....You have the prettiest things! You have a wonderful eye for life's lovelies. Can't wait for you to get into your Mama's house! It will be a magical place. Susan

  13. Very interesting coffee table with all your pretties. I love the teacups, especially. Happy New Year to you!