Friday, November 14, 2014

Pansy's from my Garden...

Good evening my dearest, Here lie my Pansy's from last year I put them in Wax Paper to preserve them so to speak... I love dried flowers, don't you.. They have always amazed me since I was a little girl... I had a book when my oldest daughter was little and we use to dry them in there.. It was a book with wooden ends on both side and a long screw went through all four sides and they had those wing nuts to push it down tight..

Little tiny flowers

from my garden... they are one of my most favorite little flowers.. I love tiny flowers..

I always, have Pansy's in my Garden...

                                        Happy Weekend with love Janice...


  1. Such beautiful flowers from the garden friend!!!!! They brought me happiness as I look out at my brown garden! Happy weekend! Nicole xo

  2. lovely post as too have a blessed weekend friend..loves

  3. What a pretty post! Loved it, and love that teacup with the purple flowers!

  4. This post makes me happy. I adore flowers and your pretties are so cheerful and fun. Thanks for your sweet words. Have a blessed weekend. xo

  5. Very pretty post Janice... thanks for stopping in to my Blog today.


  6. Your pansies and pansy teacup and saucer are so pretty. The soft water color effect with the wax paper over the dried, pressed pansies was lovely. I usually get pansies in spring, am thinking they would be nice to have in fall as well. I hope to press and dry some of them in the spring.

    I just discovered your blog today and am now a follower with Google Friend Connect. It was a pleasure to read back over your past posts. I have a lot of cobalt blue glass in my dining room, as you do in your kitchen. It looks so cheerful when the sun shines through it.

  7. I love your dried flowers! And i especially love the tea delicious!