Thursday, November 6, 2014

little man...

In my Garden sits this adorable little guy.. Which my oldest daughter Stephanie gave me.  I think he's just the cutest, wouldn't you agree.  
This is the new little part of the garden that I created it was a big ugly empty square space with nothing but dirt.  With a dirty ole rug covering it up.  Which I dont understand why the carpet was there.  Well I later thought maybe they put it there to keep the weeds from growing up! 
Well I finally figure how to enlarge my photos for here on my I pad now if lol I can get a second one on I will be doing great... 

Yay. I did it...
Now I'm having a hard time my page keeps jumping what the world.  Ok well better stop here... 
Happy Thursday with Love Janice 


  1. Simpaticissimo il tuo nano!Ciao,Rosetta

  2. The little man is very funny. I love your garden

  3. lovely janice...i wanted to buy a ipad, but my husband told me many people have issues with it...dont now , technical i will keep it with my pc...blessings hope its all working for you...loves

  4. This little guy is wonderful. I want one just like him. He looks sweet in your garden.