Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just a little babble......

Helo dear friends, It's been a while I know but I have been busy trying to straighten out Mom's affairs.. Boy when someone passes away there's so much to do. Changing this changing that.. I been going crazy with it all.  To the point it may be have a short melt down.. Between all the S.S.I. jazz and the Five Lawyer's that I have consulted with.. I finally just said forget it called S.S.I. myself.. craziness.. Yep.. I thought I would share some Blue and Whites with you. Photos that I found on Pinterest..

I really can't wait until I'm able to fix Mom's house and my Bedroom in Blue and whites .. I keep thinking of how her house will look all pretty.. It was nice the other day her neighbor said they really want me to live here.. I thought that was very sweet of her to tell me that...

Mom's house outside is in Blues with whites.... But I'm almost sure I'm going to paint it Pink and white..

I'm not sure if I want pink pink.. but I will have to see what colors are available

I love hanged laundry...

Pretty Blues............................

I'm soon to get my I-Pad. so I can get online more often and visit with everyone.. I hope that you are all doing fine I miss being here.. 
Well Off and running...
With Love 
see ya soon...
Aternoon in the Garden...


  1. Grazie delle chiacchiere!Un abbraccio!Rosetta

  2. Hi Janice....Hang in there with the settling of the house. In the end, it will all be worth it.

    I can't wait to see how you are going to fix it up in YOUR style. It will be adorable. Susan

  3. Lovely pictures in blue and white. The pink house is gorgeous. If you choose these colours, you'll do the right choice.

  4. I love your style too and the house will be so neat! I look forward to watching your journey.

  5. always glad to read your post janice...hope your doing much beter..and strenght to fixed all your stuff.

    hope you soon get settle all up in your new home...blessings friends

  6. I love hanged laundry too, Janice, and don't see it that much any more. Wouldn't that be so cute if you painted your mom's house PINK AND WHITE? It would look like a fairytale cottage.