Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Helo There...
I thought I would share these with you, I found these when I was cleaning out Mom's storage.  I remember them very well and it's funny because I thought they were up stairs in the Attic. I can't figure out how they got moved or when..

My Dad's Mom gave it to my Mom when I was a little girl. . Funny what you remember...
Mom never used them. They were just sitting in a dusty ole box. .My granddaughter brought them out to me. I was so  excited to see them. I had forgotten about them... I always admired them when I was little I don't have a clue why my Mom never used them..

Then after I brought them home I was cleaning them turned them over and saw a price.I almost washed it off.  I couldn't believe it 5.98 . .

And the other piece 3.98 to much wonder what they are worth today. It's been a
Good 50 years.

There are  two Swans and a long dish. . I just love them.. I have other pieces that
I have had a long time as well...

I love all these pieces.. 
Happy Day 
with love Janice


  1. Love those pieces too! Just stunning! What a treat to have those! Nicole

  2. Old family pieces are always the best. What a beautiful pair. :o)

  3. They are gorgeous and they are important memories

  4. They are beautiful, enjoy them. Blessings friend

  5. The swans are lovely, Janice. I really like swans. They are soooo graceful. I'm happy you have them! Your Mama would like that, I'm sure. Susan

  6. Oh these pieces are just so fun. So happy your found them. How are you doing?
    I think of you often.

  7. I love these swan pieces, Janice. The color is so pretty. How special that they belonged your mom's father. There are things that mean so much to us because they belonged to our loved ones long ago.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer days, friend.


  8. by the changed your blog name? I think I like this one the best. :~)