Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just A little bit of Homer Laughlin..

*`~ Helo Everyone.. I'm here visiting at Mom's house.. feeling a little bit down.. Things are some what in a slow motion.. with everything... But soon I'm sure it will all turn out.. Continuously trusting in my Heavenly Father...  I hope I find you all doing well.. I sure miss being here and visiting with Mom.. I think of her every minute of the day. These days lately it seems as if it's more so.. Well I thought being here would help..

So I thought I would visit and post a blog at the same time.. then go by and visit some of you which I really miss the most.. looking at all your wonderful things..

Got a small pot of water on, got my tea bag and cup and saucer.. ready for some nice tea to balance things out.. going to use one of these cups & saucers.. I also got this little picnic basket a couple months ago.. I really like it.. I want to get some material and line the inside.. I love the wicker that goes across on the top piece where I have the saucers..

O water is ready, be right back.. Awe so nice.. lovely afternoon and a cup of Tea.. nothing like it.. Just wish Mama was here..

What could be more nice.. a cup of Tea in a pretty cup...

I love the lite soft Blue .. They call it Homer Laughlin Chateau  Georgian Eggshell..

They just speak Spring to me... what about you...

Lovely Weekend to you...
            With  Love Janice... *`~ ....


  1. Hi Janice, I love your Homer Laughlin china, the soft blue is so lovely. My daughter received a set of vintage Homer Laughlin china last year for Mother's Day, it had pink roses on it.

  2. Oh..your pic nic basket is so lovely! Your china is gorgeous

  3. Oh Janice, I'm sorry to hear about your beloved Mother. I did not know this. It must have been a hard mother's day for you this year. I lost my mom five years ago, and I was missing her terribly this year. Your mom will always be with you, and she raised such a wonderful woman.

    This blue china is beautiful. I love blue tea cups the best. My wedding china was even in blue.

    I am thinking of you, my friend, and sending you so much love.


  4. Hello Janice. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort being in her home. I am sure it is full of wonderful and happy memories of your beloved mother.

    Your Homer Laughlin china is gorgeous. In fact, it is my very favorite pattern. I have the tea cups and dinner plates in this same pattern and I am always searching for additional pieces. Love your pretty photos sweet Janice. Please come by to visit. I would love to bring a bit of sunshine to your day.