Monday, May 19, 2014

Blue's............ **** come see

Seem's as if Nothing today really matter's a bunch.. Huummmm I'm here at Mom's It's very quite no noise... Day before yesterday I was home and tried to feel better made a Tea Tray for me.. Thought some Blue would feel good and it did...  I used things that were Blue but mis matched...

Started with some Pillow shams.. The color is a bit more darker but my phone just wouldn't ajust the color.. silly phones...

I'm planning to make my Bedroom Blue when someday I move to Mama's House... I have purchased some pretty linens..

I happen to go to Target and to my surprise I seen all this Blue and White, well you know I'm a great lover of Blue and White... It was a special Addtion I couldn't walk out and leave it I had the money so I said guess what I'm buying...

Adorable lined basket..

Pretty Blue Pillows..

Sweet Sheet set... Shams to match... O my...

 The Sham is so sweet as well, It has Ruffles on it different color of Blues and Whites.. a patch quilt... I wish Mama was here to see her house transform... when it happens.. All I need now is either a border or some Wall Paper...

They had some cute sweet candles that smell divine... The little box is so cute.. 

 Wish that you could smell it.......I have also purchased a Sweet little clear glass Lamp and white eyelet duster and Lamp shade.. and a large eyelet patch bolster... always wanted one.. and I'm thinking in my mind I had found in Mama's storage these adorable little pictures I want to reframe them and put them on the wall.. They are brand new never used.. And there is also a Antique picture oval Frame with my great  grandparents picture I want to hang in the room...

I almost forgot.. I also purchased this through a book for the bedroom window.. Mama would just love it..
I know she would.. It's so sad that she could never go beyond and enjoy her little cottage.. I'm so sorry Mama that your life was so difficult filled with much sadness....The best part is she is resting in peace now.
No more pain and sorrow..

                 With Love


  1. Dear Janice, this post is very sweet and full of romance. I adore your blue items, especially the pillows.

  2. Oh my goodness Janice. I went to Target yesterday and went crazy when I saw this special Shabby Chic collection. I can't believe it. Isn't gorgeous??? I bought the pretty pillows. I am going back for the comforter set. We are thinking the same I guess. SO glad to see you inspired by all this loveliness. Thanks for coming to visit sweet friend.


  3. I am loving all of that beautiful blue and white! It looks like a bit of heaven to just get lost in! What a find! I can't wait to see your bedroom! Wishing you a lovely week! Nicole

  4. Hi Janice, I left you a comment about your Hazel china that you wrote about in Feb. 2013. You finally found the name of the china.I use my Hazel china platters in some of my pictures on my website and would like to link it to yours. Would that be OK? My site is
    Thanks and I love all china, one of my favorite pastimes wandering antique shops looking at china!

    1. That would be fine Debbi..soon as I can I will stop by...have a wonderful weekend.