Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good afternoon, with some new....

Helo there, good afternoon...I have this photo of this pot holder doily because I have decided to try and make it.
I know I can do the flower part it's just a larger flower then from the other doily I did...

See it just more pedals that I have to count...I think I can do this with no problem.well lol I'm hoping that I can...
Well I have been home a lot these days. With baby Isaiah, spending much time with him is wonderful..I wasn't sure what I was going to feel...but It's nice...
O my I almost forgot. I got some new things. 
I had gotten them the day I purchased my Blue & White Tea pot...from the Tea House .. I had put them on
layaway...The lady is very sweet she does that for me cause I'm 
a good customer, I go a lot and have bought a lot...It's a little 
bit more expensive than a second had store, but I don't mind at all..

  Do you see them, my sugar and creamer...I just love them.
I got them and a napkin holder and I have two other pieces I had already..

I just love love them....

I got two of these as well, they had a few more but money is low..so I just purchased two...

 It looked pretty underneath my tea pot..............

Have a cuppa with me...we can use my new Sugar & Creamer  (hehe)

here's the start to my flower..I'm going to do it in Blue & White of course to fit into my kitchen...and if I get it down. I'm going to do some different colors to sell.

Stay toon for the results of my doily potholder...
Baby Isaiah is doing just fine...and I hope that you are all as well...
with love Janice


  1. Your doily pot holder is going to look perfect. I like all your tea set. The teapot looks lovely. It is hard when you just have to add another piece. I am trying to add new pieces to my Old Country Roses set and it is quite expensive. Have a great day.

  2. Your doily potholder will look lovely in those colors. Your new pieces are lovely

  3. This is going to be so stunning...I've had this one on my to do list...

  4. Such pretty colors! Can't wait to see how it turns out! You asked me on my blog about the difference in crewel work and regular embroidery?
    Crewel is embroidery using yarn or thicker thread, worked on a more loose weave canvas........however the piece I have shown on this post was worked on 100 percent linen. There are a lot of beautiful and distint stitches in Crewel. Not hard to learn however. The best to learn how is to research on the internet. Some very beautiful linens are worked in Crewel. Hope this helps.

  5. LOVE your blue and white tea things; so pretty! Your doily will be sweet when you're finished. It's nice to have a baby in the house, isn't it? They are sosweet and innocent. Thank you for coming to tea today and have a wonderful week.