Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday mornin early chatters🤓

     Hi there ya’ll,
In case your wondering I’m at mamas house came after discipleship kick off class to try and do a little which I did very little it was such a hot hot day..  I was wondering were spring had sent to and was summer coming the weathers been so ugly and windy and just yuk... its quite early 5:53 am now I didn’t sleep much last night.  Issues going on around here my little ole roll away bed boke after four years I don’t know why but the two middle legs won’t stay up they keep falling down.  So believe it or not this gal slept in a chair with another chair connected.  I don’t know how sleeping I got.  I’m really tired and don’t know how I’m going to church today.  Hopefully God will give me what I need and I will be there....
      So I decided to make myself a cup of hot tea with a dash of honey...  In this pretty mug called rose shadow, by Pioneer woman...  I adore this pattern and I have many pieces from it.  I really want the four place setting of the dishes.  But I have to wait.  And I hope while I’m waiting the price will go down...
     I have added the mugs and the crystal look like goblets that I love... And also I have four drinking glasses as well and a pitcher that goes to it.  A baking dish a rectangle one and a 8x8. Plus a round baker piece with a lid.  A butter dish and salt and pepper as well.  What I missed out on was a serving platter and a cake stand and I can’t find them no place....
      So pretty they are...  I always loved this cabinet and kept my dishes in here... separate from mamas  It had came from my dads truck, he used to have a hauling co.  Were they would clean out estates etc.  and he came by the house before going to the dumps.  And I had him take it off and bring it inside just like the corner piece and some others but I got rid of the most of those when we were cleaning out the basement.  I have one piece in my papas room for the kitchen but it will be a while before I can move the dryer over to the washer and then it will be placed by the stove.  And I will use it for a baking counter.  I have a big piece of marble my ex gave me and it will great for there but I will need someone to cut it.  
      Two of my mini cake stands...  
     There’s a kitty cat outside meowing ...  he is sitting on a ledge looking over towards mamas kitchen window.  I think it will be another warm day..

     Here are some new design pasta bowls...   

     These are mini pie dishes the cutest ever...

     Well my dears its almost time to start getting ready for church ....   please done be offended that I havent came to visit theres just so much going on and I’m barely going to do anything.. I’m leaving much love for you all with loVe Janice...  Have a most wonderful day🌸🌿🌺🌿


  1. What wonderful pieces!Breathtaking!Your collection is unique...

  2. Janice, sorry about your bad night. Bad nights seem to wreck me for a couple of days now! Beautiful collection, so beautifully arranged!

  3. So pretty!! They are lovely dishes and you have displayed them beautifully!!

  4. Such beautiful collection!!!! Love every single piece

  5. I have had some bad nights recently, too, Janice, so I feel your pain.
    Your collection of Pioneer Woman things is sure growing, and it all looks so pretty on the shelves in the beautiful hutch. It must make you happy to see all the cheerful colors when you walk in!

  6. Pioneer Woman's wares are so colorful and cheerful. Love your collection, Janice. Susan

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