Friday, April 20, 2018


     🍃🌸Hello everyone, yes I know I haven’t been around for a while I haven’t done any visiting either.  I’m sorry I just haven’t had the time.  There are things going on at mamas house changes.  We have finally almost completely empty the downstairs except for a pile of paints and chemicals quite large...  and and corner of my oldest daughters things.  And a few other miscellaneous stuff but not much.  And now through a special program who purchased one dumpster and some volunteers from Wells Fargo bank who helped remove a good amount of junk.  Now the program is helping me fix thekitchen  and hallway up stairs.   They are called Rebuilding together San Francisco..  God has blessed with their help.  We  had to totally remove the deck for now and put in a window for safety reasons.  
     They started last week to remove the sliding glass doors and they put a window in.    It is a big change we had a large deck for 35 years but everything is to expensive and I can not afford it right now.
     It is a big change, we had a deck for some 35 years..  but it was done.  Maybe one day in the future.
     Putting the framing in to build a wall and a window.  Mama house has a amazing view of the San Francisco bay and the Bay Bridge..
     Window in..  and it is finished.  Tomorrow they come to put kitchen cabinets in.  This house hasn’t had kitchen cabinets since they tore up the kitchen some 35 years ago nor paint it was just sheetrock only and some meg shift cabinets.  It will be a huge change and a new beginning.  Part of erasing the ugly past.  I’m exciting and how should I explain emotional of losing the deck and having to move soon and adjust to more change.  I’m 60 years old now and I’m done with change and all so I would like to be.   But I’m so very grateful for their help and volunteers.  They are all amazing people who work regular jobs and give their time to help people in communities who are elderly or who can or don't have the income to do it theirselves...  They are a great thing.  
      This is me just before we move to the family house with my great uncle Mike...
     Me and my oldest brother Gary who left us in 1987 to rest in peace...  the original kitchen area I wish I had a full picture of it.  This is basically the new window area their was a huge pane window before they tore it up.  
     The door way I'm sitting in was a back indoor porch which they tore out and evened it out and was suppose to be the new kitchen area which they never completed.. they will also be putting in a new floor.  We wanted to move the stove to this area but there wasn't enough funding to move the gas lines so I'm hoping later I can do that.  The stove is still in the older part of the kitchen which is a distance.  The kitchen is a huge L shape this part being the lower part of the L..  it is like knocking the L down lol toward the lol.. get it..😃. 
     This is the end of the long part we will be getting a new stove though and a hood but will for now remain in this area..  and later we will change the dryer to the opposite side of the kitchen to meet the washer and maybe build a door cabinet you know.. lol cant think of the right words the changing of the pipes will be around five thousand.  But because we need the new electrical box more that needs to be done first.  But honestly I couldn’t ask for more than what they are doing.  And I can’t thank them enough.  And just sending thank you note don’t seem enough either.  I been thinking maybe I can host a dinner or a lunch after it is finished.  
     That’s my oldest daughter Stephanie...  and this is the long part of the L shape. And if you go straight make a left thats where the short part is.  Straight away was the sliding doors..  it is so strange I can’t imagine it done.  Just to see the mud on the walls was amazing.  
     The long hallway they’ve already washed it down because thats new sheetrock I helped do that they sanded the trim down and already put primmer on the trim.  It will be painted on the big day which is national rebuilders day all over.  And a new floor will go down.. it all makes me cry.  God is so amazing, so amazing.  Nothing is impossible with him..  I give Glory and Praise and all honor to Him and my savior Jesus Christ.  My granddaughter is having a baby which will be seven generations in this house.  But now it will walk in the LORD, This House belongs to Him...
     Some of the mudders ...  (sorry guys forgot your names)

     This is Steve the main mudder...  the other two work with him..
     My oldest son and grandson tearing up the old floor...
     And I was sweeping all that mess up.  
     It has just been madness these last several weeks.  Hauling things out of the downstairs packing moving thing cleaning messes etc.. 
The woman on the right Agafia my Great Grandmother from Russia..
     Standing in front of the house with a friend, they probably came from church because they had their head scarves on.. below my grandmother Mary, her daughter and her possibly holding my mother Lois..  
     Mama and her sister Beverly a couple of doors over where the Poppins lived.. 
      Left sister Beverly mama on the right..  down below mamas sister..
     Mama and my brother
     Me and my two brothers, Gary jr. And Michael owen on the right of me in front of the house.
     Me now...

                          Vee and the new baby Malicah...
     It will be all different soon... Thanks to a great program Rebuilding Together San Francisco, with amazing loving caring people....
A huge Thanks to all of who have participated in helping making this change for our family...  nothing could mean more.
                             🍃🌸🌸🌸🌸  With much much Love Janice and Family🌸🌸🌸🌸🍃


  1. Wow, such a wonderful programme, they have done some amazing work. What a huge difference it will make to you. Hope it all continues to go well.

  2. Dear Janice:
    I am so glad you are getting help on your Mother's house and it will stay as a family house. The view out the window is amazing. Do you know the date the house was built? That would be interesting as it looks very old.

  3. This is great news. Hoping all goes well and it gets finished soon.

  4. What a full programme! Such beautiful view out the window