Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wednesday's Chatter . .

🌿🌸🌷🌺Hello There,...
Did you have a wonderful Easter I sure hope so...  Mine was wonderful I spent it with family My oldest son and his wife and youngest daughter...  my oldest daughter's daughter and my youngest daughter and my two grandson's.  We drove out of San Francisco across the Bay Bridge.. to be with his father's side of the family.  It was great great food and great company.  Some of which I haven't seen in a long while..  funny I didn't take not one photo, I was to busy enjoying myself..   everyone participates in the cooking meaning everyone cooks something at home and brings it.  I made fresh green beans.  It turned out to be a rainny day.  Before hand I went to church which was amazing as it is every Sunday..

( Sharing my photos from Tuesday evening as the sun went down.  In the Kitchen..  it was rainning since Sunday and finally stopped in the morning ..  so I was able to pick little flowers from the garden)

     My most favorite window...  I love it when it is all wipped down and clean the blue glass shines..
     I brought in some mint as well. Spiremint and chocolate mint..  I have it everywhere ..  
     I have a few roses blooming as well..  you know I was thinking I hadn't seen any baby's breath seed packages ...  wonder why.. hummm 
     I also went to Walmart again a different one down the street from where we visited.  On the search for different pioneer woman things..  Anyhow as I went inside and went around this one area.  Excuse me,  I just had to say that you are beamming with the Lord all over you and I was dressed up today to but I had went home and changed.  A woman stopped me in my tracks telling me this.  I told her yes I was at church earlier, she said I knew it and I couldn't not tell you your shinning your just glowing with the Lord..  I was like wow your the second person who said this to me.  She said really Yes I said she asked me where was the other, I said at church about the third time that I went..  she said it's true.. we talked for a while she asked me to pray for her son and grandchild. Larry and Tray..  and she would pray for my family..  she told me as we spoke she knew I could relate to her life.  And as we spoke I surely could.  She told me to go home get with my daughter open the front door after prayer stomp on the floor and tell the devil to get out..  I was some what a tad shocked.  We chatted more I met her two sisters they told me she dresses like me all the time.. she had me show them my leggings undernealth my long dress..  we ended up exchanging numbers.  I told my son and them sorry I took so long when I told him tears came to his eyes..  We got our things and we left we talked in the car about it.  A week or two ago I had some visions. I thought I was crazy a bit imagining things..  i finally told my oldest daughter ..  one of the visions I had was while at church up at the alter as I turned to walk away I saw her boyfriend there walking away with a big smile wearing these certain clothes.  She latter told me mama everything you said he had on he owns..   so then I was like still thinking no im just tripping..  That same moment I also seen my oldest son at the alter but kneeling on the floor with his head down to the floor and his hands above his head crying..  Later that week Wednesday at Bible study.  When bro Jones was speaking about letting Jesus sit inside you I got another vision of Jesus sitting on a huge tree limb under a tree by the river smiling at me.  But this time the vision wouldn't leave my head..   it all became over whelming.  I have wanted to speak to Pastor but haven't had the chance to.  I truly don't know what to think.     Sharing with you..  what do you think..  so that is all for now..  I had to get it out.   With love Janice🌺🌸🌷🌿


  1. Hi Janice, I do believe that God plans things in our life to happen for a reason and what a joy that is. There are no accidents when HE works within our hearts bringing people together. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week.
    Did you find some PW at that other Wally World??? We all love it don't we?
    Blessings, xo

  2. I love of your blue!!! So many pretty pictures. I agree with your words
    Hugs Alessandra

  3. Our Lord shows us so many things the way He wants to. Do not be frighten from what you have seen...just be open to His guidance :0) your blue is just beautiful :D mari

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, Janice, and how wonderful that the lady recognized your special glow, in the Lord. Your window with all the blue and flowers looks so cheerful. I would certainly talk to your pastor for his guidance on your visions. May you have a happy rest of the week!

  5. Janice, your blue collection is lovely. By all means, speak to your pastor. Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Many blessings to your sweet lady. Xo

  6. Happy Easter Janice. WOW...how lovely for people to see the Lord shining through you. I don't always understand visions and dreams. I do hope you have a chance to discuss it all with your pastor.