Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hello my dear sweet friends I writing this late Saturday evening...  I nave been wanting to post again but I have been busy doing different things...  It takes so much time to write a post because if I don't save every couple of words it will erase...  so it takes time lol not lol. Silly.  I have been trying to visit everyone I think I'm finally over that cold bug, thank goodness that was aweful..  The rain has finally stopped last couple of days we have had some sunny days..  I went out to Lowes they barely had any plants, I bought two new prim roses and some peonys blubs and Lily of the Valley...  I can't plant them yet the ground is to muddy, I'm not sure when they should be planted I have to find out.
     See that windex bottle I recently found it at mamas in the basement in a box.  For some reason I was silly happy, I brought it home clean it up being careful not to ruin the labels..  and filled her up.  It worked like a charm...yay. I cleaned the inside living room windows sure wish I could get the outer but they are up to high...  o my just thinkin, I forgot to buy the stuff for dampness o darn.  It was one of things I went to Lowes for...  well least I remembered the lights for the bedrooms they both went out a month ago but being sick I couldn't go on the bus.  Today I went to big Lots and I found some cute little clog garden shoes in aqua, but I'm not wearing them in the garden, I'm going to keep them for house shoes...  I think they are so cute..  They were only $ 5 dollars.
     They had lots of cute things...  the whole store was 20% off..  the lady said they do it all the time, really I never heard of it hummmm 🤓. I'm not sure when it ends though I want a couple of aqua throw pillows for the living room...  will see ...  I have been home quite a bit since I was sick a few weeks...
     This was the other reason I went to big lots a month ago I bought four of these mats and out of the four that I bought one is almost a inch shorter... but guess what they didn't have anymore...  they only had a runner left...  so I will just have to have one shorter mat...  o my, you have to check every darn thing.  I love roosters, but usually it is with red, I love red but my kitchen and dinning room are blue...  so these will work...  
     I bought a set of hand towels case I was to switch them to the kitchen...
     I bought these two trivets last time as well.  This is a new color like the towels I crocheted couple weeks ago.. 

     Look at ms bunny, shes so cute I just had to get her
     Lol, I'm trying to get the whole her...  o my it 12:00 midnight have to run off to bed church in the morning and I don't want to miss I've missed two weeks or three..  so I will see you soon thank you for all your lovely visits... with love Janice...  


  1. I loved the rooster mats and the crochet on the edge of the towel. The rabbit was a delight too. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. How wonderful that you are feeling better Janice :0) Delightful treasure you found there :D mari

  3. So glad you are feeling better. All those pretty purchases would certainly cheer me up. Cute bunny!

  4. How many lovely finds! The towels are very romantic and the bunny is soooo sweet
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. Hope you are doing better now. I love your fun finds! You have a great eye.

  6. Hi Janice. Love your new bunny and all your sweet treasures. Love your posts. Susan