Monday, October 24, 2016

A whispery day...

     Good afternoon,
I believe today we shall have some rain...  There is wind blowing and the sky is darken and the clouds look full ...  You know how just know something is brewing.  I haven't a clue what I want to do...  I've taken out the trash because tomorrow morning is our trash day...  And of course all the back breaking cleaning I did in the garden last week, there are leaves all over again...  So I whispered around the garden gathering literally the last of the tiny flowers...  And found one hydrangea flower bloomed..  
     It is a purpulish blue flower...  And I believe it was blue but changed...  So I cut it and brought it inside to put in my kitchen window...I won't be much in the garden the rains coming...
     There's a bunch on tiny little pansy's all in the chives and green onion patch...  So I picked some.. They are one of my favorites..
     I usually have this tall blue glass bottle in the middle but I have removed it for a bit...  Last week I had a flower girl vase here...
                             I have a few of them, I just love them...
I like when this window is clean it is where my sink is and instead of focusing on the fence and house next store I can see the pretties in the window...
     Over the weekend I baked Karen's strawberry muffins...  From Cottage and Castles blog @  They were very yummy.  I was with my oldest daughter and grand children and they loved them.  I also made a glaze for them with powdered sugar and a tad butter and strawberry yogurt..  They ate them up and wanted more ...  Nice recipe Karen thanks for sharing the recipe...  I used fresh chopped strawberries you can use either frozen or fresh...  And i put them in last...

                      Yummmmmy strawberries 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓
      This next photo is called in spanish Moussaka de calabacin...  Which is a potato based dish with meat and sauce...

And I found this other recipe on instagram by  divina cosina, @
Really nice to..  So I made this but the recipe is in spanish..  So I will try to explain it to you just incase you don't read spanish...  It is like a lasagna... But it has layer of potatoes that were peeled and sliced long ways about a half inch thick.   What you do is fry them on a fairly high heat to par cook them..  That is your first layer..  Then you make a meat sauce and what I did i used ground turkey..  I finely chopped a half of a small onion and one clove of garlic finely chopped i sauted them in a tad of olive oil...  Had a half of a small tomato I chopped that and added it cooked down the ground turkey and smashed it to fine grain added a small can of tomatoe sauce added salt pepper and a 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg..  Let it cook down making sure all the gr. Turkey was fine...  So then I layered the potatoes on the bottom the next layer was the ground turkey and sauce then a layer of shredded Monterey jack cheese..  The I had zucchini that I sliced into rings and lightly fried them.. But the same as the potatoes don't cook them all the way...
     Then layered them on top of the cheese..  The next step was to make a béchamel sauce...  Couple tablespoons butter melted then when melted and couple tablespoons flour mix and cook for a minute or two to cook the flour then turn heat way down add some milk slowly little at a time stirring constantly so you form no lumps...  Add some salt pepper and nutmeg just a pinch or less..  Till you get a nice smooth sauce..  Then you let it cook and thicken..  
     Put it over the zucchini, last layer a layer of shredded cheese..  Put into the oven 350 degrees for about 20- 25 minutes. Depending on your oven...  You want it heated through and the cheese melted nice and we let ours brown..  They loved it and me too..  In my opinion I think a nice dallop of sour cream and either some finally chopped gr. Onion or chives would have been nice.  It is a rich dish and a nice green salad would be perfect too..  I put the link so if you read spanish you can follow there..  

     I only stayed till saturday evening and came home to get ready for church in the morning...  Which was awesome...  A great weekend in all..  Now I'm just going to have a easy day do a little bit here and there...  I hope your weekend was good and I hope the new week goes well..  
     New teacups but no saucers but I love them just the same... They are from Homer Laughlin...  i never seen this pattern before...  I hope I find some kind of saucers for them...  For tea I just used a other one I have but I need about five or six...
     It came also with this cut creamer....
     These where a cheap ebay find...  O I almost forgot we went thrifting and had a nice time I found a few little things...  We enjoyed ourselfs...  Thank you everyone for your dear sweet comments on my last post..  Love and hugs to you all...
                     🍂🌿💛💙🌺 with love, Janice🌺💙💛🌿🍂
Ps, my tummies growling, all this talk of food I forgot breakfast and now it is lunch time...  Better be off to go find something to eat....  Lovely day to you all bye now...🌺💙💛🌿🍂



  1. Dear Janice:
    What a comforting casserole that is! I know Karen will be so flattered that you baked her muffins too! I imagine your house smelled incredible with all those delicious dishes being baked! It might even stop a few cars going by! Ha! Your hydrangea is sweet. I saw a couple "violets" blooming in my garden today - shocking.

  2. The moussaka looked amazing, what a wonderful meal. Glad to hear you went out thrifting and had a good time with your daughter. Take care.

  3. You've been so busy with baking and cooking, Janice!! Everything looks so delicious. Your teacups and creamer are so pretty, and I must say that I love your sweet flower lady. Hope you have a happy week.

  4. Everything looks so delicious! The strawberry muffins are so yummy...mmmm! Beautiful and very romantic atmosphere in your home
    Hugs ALessandra

  5. I love your wonderful 'blue home' and white always looks so crisp and fresh. Strawberries and a muffin together..whats not to love. And the Moussaka looks absolutely delicious...I may have to steal the recipe (with credit back to you if thats ok)....
    Phoebe x

  6. Phoebe thats perfectly fine... I hope you enjoy it as much as we did..

  7. Such a lovely post Janice. Strawberry muffins are divine looking adt the wonderful dish, Moussaka is calling my name...LOL I have never made it, so thanks for sharing. have a beautiful day. Love, Linda

  8. WOW, those muffins just took delicious. I love all your china and your photos. Hope you are doing well. Much love, Linda

  9. Janice you've been quite busy. I have always loved the beauty of hydrangeas. All the food pics look divine. Especially to my pre-breakfast eyes :) I'm going to check out the muffin recipe. Have a great rest of the week.

  10. The strawberry muffins look delicious! Fresh berries in the fall seems so decadent ;)
    I have a friend who makes moussaka, much like yours, and it's always a crowd pleaser.
    You find the prettiest cups and saucers Janice. The floral teacups are cute, and I hope you find saucers for them soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.