Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Morning in the Garden with Jadite and a new teapot

 I love my new teapot, finally found one simular to Jadite color.. It's another Hall teapot, a series of Victorian ones they made I have three of them so far.. I believe this one is called the Connie..

I had purchase one earlier in the perfect perfect condition for a good price it arrived broke clean in half I wanted to cry... but I of course was refunded... the woman was so upset and me too.. very nice woman..
 The newer one which arrived today is called the Plume.. it's in a pink.. I will show you later on..

My Jadite creamer which I have now for two years and of course I recently showed you my new sugar it's hard to find one with a top for  a good price in good condition.. I now have four dinner plates and just had found a serving bowl but it arrive all broke up.. so the man sent me the receipt to get a refund usually the owner does it but will see.. It's his fault I believe he didn't pack it well in my opinion..

The other afternoon I stopped into this health store to get some probiotics and they have lovely honey.. I got a small jar of this Blackberry raw honey.. It's just lovely I have never used it before and was getting tired of the same ole same ole.. I'm so pleased with it I want to go back and get some more.. taste really nice in my tea.

It was a very lovely morning in the Garden.. the days have fairly nice almost like a Spring morning.  I see my blubs peeping out of the ground soon they will be about..

You see this plant right here, I found it in the Garden next to me hanging down so last year I pulled a piece out and the roots came following behind.. I had no clue it was Violets.. I was so surprised when the flowers came out.. In all my years i never saw a really plant.. So very excited about it...

Tiny blooms popping up all over.. and all the primroses as well which I truly love.. I picked some this morning and put them in the kitchen window..

I just removed my paperwhites today.. and put them outside.. I'm not sure how to care for the bulbs I never had them before either.. going to look it up and see...

More white Primroses which I love this end of this last Spring I purchased some White Geraniums... I'm looking forward to them blooming this Spring.. When I get to Mama's I want a white bed of flowers I have white Iris already to I have to make a plan as to what comes first..

I adore all the Moss in the garden and the tiny grown cover that appears all over and over the bricks.. I hope you are all well .. I just got over being so sick for weeks Phew glad it finally gone and I pray it don't come back.. I will be by to visit soon I have so much to show you... thank you for all your sweet comments I so appreciate them .
Janice.. .


  1. Hello my dear Janice! Your posts are always full of beauty and sunshine - thank you for sharing.

    Your new tea pot is simply lovely and speaks of Spring. Hugs to you!

  2. Hello Janice, when I want of dose of beautiful Victorian, this is my stop. You pair the lovely vintage pieces with the beautiful crochet pieces, it's always a lovely visit filled with beauty and grace.

  3. Janice, I'm from At Rivercrest Cottage and just popped in to see you. I'm your newest follower as you have the kind of blog I love, full of kindness and interesting information. I'm from just North of you, Sonoma CA, where I was raised, but lived in SF in 1968/69 and worked at the Bank of America at #1 Powell St. Your pictures bring back the wonderful weather of the area. Living in Texas I missed the cool Summers, or as Mark Twain said..."the coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco."

  4. Janice, your tea time in hte garden is so adorable and romantic! The teapot is so pretty.

  5. Lovely post! and lovely garden, i just enjoy how you describe your little paradise...loves soraya

  6. Hello Janice. Happy Sunday to you sweet friend. I love all the pretties on your post. It always makes me feel better to look at your gorgeous images. What a sweet setting for afternoon tea...