Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Silver...

~ * I thought I'd try and get off the subject... and write about something else today.. I have had this little piece for ever.. It's so old the silver is waring off.. but It can still shine up.. And of course found it on Dad's truck... Years ago.. and have always had it on my dresser.. the top piece is a newer old little trinket box, with a purple stone which I believe to be an Amethyst.. with black Onyx..

Another little favorite of mine.......I found this a long time ago.. I thought it was the sweetest little comb.. with a cover I thought it was amazing....

So sweet glass with silver...

All my favorite pieces.. found at different times.................

With Love XoxO, Janice =)


  1. I love your silver pieces, Janice. Vintage is always in.

  2. Your silver items are wonderful and very charming.

  3. I have been trying to leave you a post about letter writing but this is the first time I got through. Would you like to be pen pals?

  4. Love your wonderful items! All of them are just beautiful.
    Hope you are hanging in there.
    Hugs, Linda

  5. Gwen... I would love to be pen pals with you I tried to email you. but I couldn't get through either.. janice15@email.com

  6. So beautiful! Prayers are with you during this time, hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  7. These silver pieces are gorgeous, Janice. They are so unique and antique looking. I used to have a silver mirror and brush set, but I gave it away, and now I wish that I still had them. Live and learn....

    Have a blessed week.