Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A quick fly bye... new things...

 Heloo everyone.. Just thought I'd try and post a quick post... Don't have time to visit today but I'm hoping on Thursday I can go by and visit some of you.. I miss so much visiting everyones blogs and seeing what their up to.. This is one of the flowers growing in the Blue Garden.. they have been blooming despite the cold... I just love them.. finally got some Blue flowers coming out of there after planting several ones.. I can't seem to remember their name..
They are nice because they are unusal and they make their own seeds... I have dry pods in the storage.. have to take them out and package them up..
Do you know what this is.... Your right it's another new Tea Pot, In Blue & White... I fell in love with it as I do everyone that I purchase...
I adore all the details that it has on the lid spout and handle... It's made by Saddler.. they call it the Blue Onion Barrel shape... I love it though..

It has detail everywhere...
It's of course perfect time for a new large Tea Pot... even Vee has been drinking tea because it has been so so so cold Brrrrr....
I also made a peep at a Goodwill and found two quilt little baby ones... One I gave for Isaiah.. and one I just kept because of the blues.. course he can use it .. when in the kitchen..
Someone made it.. It has a corner that has a babies name on it but I don't mind.. I would have never given it away ... but everyone is not me.. I just appreciate the work that goes into things... 

Well got to go now... wishing you a lovely rest of the week... with love Janice...


  1. Janice your blue onion teapot is delightful as are the quilts you found. I agree with you, how could they pitch them. All very pretty. Love to visit and see all your pretties. How is your mom doing?

    Blessings from Arizona,

  2. Hi Janice! Your new blue teapot is adorable and your flowers are marvellous

  3. So lovely! I just bought few pieces of a set of Nasco Blue River China . Such a lovely blue and white design. I am so tempted to keep them, but I already have an embroidery design in mind for the matching linens to sell. Janice, you have inquired about the rose dishes and the linens I am making with those for sell? I searched for your email.........and sorry to say, I cannot find it. If you would like please email me at this address;
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Janice, you found some lovely purchases! The tea pot is wonderful. I have a platter made with the same pattern. I collect blue and white china too and I came across it at a local antique store. When I set the table for guests, I love to mix and match my blue and white patterns. It sounds like you are having a busy month. I am still struggling with a bout of bronchitis and the house is torn up from all the construction. I sure am looking forward to when I can put everything back together again, and have a little tea party. :) I love reading your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful weekend! With Love, Delisa :)

  5. nice blue...was checking you have always your page in the christmas season...great

  6. I love this pretty blue and white teapot! And what a wonderful find... a pretty blue star quilt!