Thursday, October 6, 2016

Some Thursday night chatter...

Hello dearest,
      I hope you are all well...  I been at mamas cleaning in the basement..  Boy so so so much junk..  And some things so yukie..  I won't even tell you, but believe me yukie..  We got this one area in the back almost empty.  Twice a year you can do two pick ups of ten items each for free through the city garbage pick up.  We a month ago filled up a dumpster or debri box.  Costing 700.00 for the dumpster and almost two for a silly permit.  The city gets away with murder on charging for everything.  But we filled it really good to make sure we got our monies worth..  And today we put out 20 items because you can do it together..  Really nice so least I'm getting a little back ...  Why mama drug in so much junk I haven't a clue..  I will be so glad at least when that part of the cleaning is done...  Then i will just have the attic left...  Phew what a journey...  Things didn't go the way they were suppose to a lack of on mamas part.  So I'm still struggling with it all.  I'm praying the answers are coming soon..  So one day at a time and little by little..  We have accomplished a lot we really have though at times it's hard to see..  But today we are able to actually see a light at the other end.. ..  So please give pray for me that I can accomplish whats necesary for us to be ok and get things completed...  So we can live comfortably..  Tomorrow I get a break so I'm going home but need to come back on Saturday to handle some other business.  
     At home before I left I laid down a new vintage table cloth and covered it with this fancy plastic instead of clear...  I have to because of the boys, my grandsons...  I don't want them ruined, any of my vintage cloths.  Some were my great aunt Vera's...
     It has pretty blues and turquoise and red..
     Made some tea in my blue teapot..  Found a few flowers in the garden.. And a sweet vintage vase..
     Made a tea tray...  I love when my house is clean... Don't you...  But I bet it is not still clean...  

     Just wanted to chat a bit I'm off to bed..  Heading out early tomorrow with my granddaughter Liliana, we are going to take the bus together part way..  My house is in the same direction of her school. Then the second bus we take the same one but in opposite directions...  Then I told her I will meet her to come back..  Well everyone off to bed.. I'm so bery tired...   I will visit you all soon as I get a chance
                   With love Janice..  🍂🌷🌺🍂🌷🌺🍂🌷🌺🍂


  1. Very pretty Janice. The teapot and cup are perfect as are the flowers from your garden. I love a clean house as well. Have a lovely weekend. Love to you.

  2. What a good idea to place the clear plastic over your vintage tablecloth. Grandchildren do have their accidents ! I enjoy your many beautiful teapots and cups....

  3. Such a good idea to place a plastic tablecloth over your treasured heirloom. I have a tendency to use table mats when the children come and take off the tablecloths. Good luck with the rest of clearance you are doing well.

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  5. What a great idea to place the plastic tablecloth on top of that gorgeous vintage one! I love everything vintage as well as have just within the past year or so started collecting vintage linens. I love the lovely blue vignette on your table. Blessings to you for the weekend!

  6. The table looks sooo charming! Happy Friday ♥

  7. What a JOB, Janice! I hope you'll get that behind you by the end of the year. Your table looks lovely, and I think it's good to use special things rather than squirreling them away for "special" occasions (AND good to give them a little protection from children as well!).

  8. I think the plastic tablecloth looks really pretty, and your blue tea set is just beautiful.

  9. Very pretty idea to put the plastic over your vintage tablecloth. Your tea set is such lovely as usual
    Hugs Alessandra

  10. Well done Janice, you are finally getting to the end of the clean up.
    Your teapot and flowers go so well together.