Monday, October 10, 2016

Oh, Good lovely morning to you...

Good morning dearest,
     I hope everyone is well inside and out...  Today is a bit overcast after having a week full of California sunshine..  But just as well..  .  It is a perfect morning as far as I'm concern.  Crisp clean air full of fall.  I have made a small tea tray, it's not fit for me to be in the garden...  So a quiet spot in the living room will have to do.  I have a hundreds things I want to do.  But I need to be logical and attend whats needed first to be done...  A bit of re cleaning is in order..  My youngest tries in her way, with two young ones close in age and a single mom and those two little guys being so super busy, she has her hands full...
     Of course I thought this teapot was appropriate for a fall morning..  I love this green...  It is a Hall teapot one of the vintage victorian lines he put out...
     And I pretty much always use this jadeite teacup with it...  I haven't found another which I would prefer...
     I think they go well together...  I love jadeite ...  I used a pillow case for the bottom of the tray and a tan doily...   The pillowcase has lovely vibrant colors and flowers...
     And I'm having this tea this morning. By Celestial.  I didn't know this was available on it's own and I'm so ever glad...  I tried it in Celestial's mixed berry tea box..  And I found that I really like this blueberry..  Then did you know they had changed their boxes to these ugly plain boxes...  And recently went back to these so lovely ones, personally I was so so very glad..  These are just so heart warming and make you feel comfy and warm along with the dear tea...  

     This hangs in my little hall and I retrieved it from my dad's truck, which I believe I have shown before, but it's a perfect day to reshare it with you...  A lovely little corttage in fall mode... You can sit back and drink your tea and pretend you are there amongst the pretty trees in your tiny cottage sipping on some lovely berry tea...
     And this little lady is for Sandi to see Sandi at Barberry Lane...  She has one in blue...  I found her tucked inside a box in mamas things..  
     I love Sandi's blue one and I love mamas green one....
     This little crochet potholder dress I started last fall and for some reason that I don't remember I did not finish her, so I intend to do so...  Among other things...  But, one day at a time.  Keeping Our heavenly Father and our Lord and King Jesus in mind..  .  I wish you the very best day today... 
                              Blueberry tea....   So yummy..
                 πŸŒΏ☕️πŸ’  With love....   Janice  πŸ’☕️🌿



  1. Love your tray setting, such a good idea to use such a beautiful pillowcase as a cloth. The picture in your hall is beautiful and perfect for the season. Take care.

  2. OH, so cute she(our girls) is in green. I know my mom got my girl somewhere out in California during the war I think. She worked in the Hughes Airplane factory during WWII. I have to do a post some day on it. So glad you shared her, as mine is precious to me---and I'm sure yours is too. Happy Monday morning, love the Halls, teapot, too. Thanks for sharing! Sandi

  3. Love the tea set color! And that crocheted dress potholder is so cute!...Christine

  4. Dear Janice:
    I love that little cottage - what a sweet place to live. So calm and peaceful, What a sweet post!

  5. What a pretty tea tray, Janice! I don't have any jadeite, but I do love it. My, do I love your cottage painting, and yes, I'd like to pretend that I'm there, sipping some of your blueberry tea. Love that crocheted potholder do such beautiful work.

  6. Thank you ladies very much πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž☕️πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  7. Love the jadeite cup and saucer, Janice! My grandmother passed on some jadeite plates to my mom and I'd love to add the cups and saucers to the collection!

    I also prefer the Celestial Seasonings' original packaging.

  8. Always pretty things in your cozy home and in your romantic teatime
    HUgs Alessandra