Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A fall morning... And a easy peasy recipe....πŸŽƒπŸŒΌπŸŽƒ

It is early here in San Francisco, around 7:30 am...  It is deary and wet out...  But it feels nice.  A perfect day for some baking and some soup...  I hope you are well this lovely Wednesday.  I want to take this moment to again thank all of you for visiting with me.  I really do wish we all could have a real cup of tea together.  I'm so grateful for all the love and things you share with me about your life's as well..  I'm suppose to meet my daughter this afternoon to go to the local neighborhood house.  On Wednesday's they give out free foods that different places give away so it doesn't go in the garbage and since I'm om S.S.I.  It helps me through and my eldest daughter has now panic disorder really bad and had to quit her jobs among other things..  And I'm not to proud to share this with you all.  You never know where life will take you.  I worked hard all my life...  So I'm also grateful for this free food..  It helps her and me.  So thank you God and my lord Jesus Christ for providing for us...
     Last night for dinner I made these little meat loaves in my pumpkin muffin baker from QVC. By Temp-tations..  I'm in love with it ...  It is adorable,  it had three easy payments...  Which is also really nice when your not rich..
     Isn't it cute...  Perfect for fall..  Cute pumpkin shape muffin spaces and cute pumpkins painted around and also on the outter parts...

     I found the recipe over at livingfromglorytoglory blog..  Gosh I almost forgot the name...
You take a box of stove top stuffing mix add a cup of light warm water mix it up well so it gets soaked in...  Then add either ground beef, or like I did I used ground turkey..  And in the middle I added a piece of cheese...  The most simply and yummy meat loaves...  She said cook it at 350' for 20 minutes and that using regular muffin tins..  Spray the tins before putting them in the muffin tins.. Because mine were larger muffins I cooked it about 25-30 mins...  
    I also cut up a carrot for the stem and made them look like pumpkins for my grandsons... 
     Off to the oven they went... The house smelled so good..  And the boys couldn't wait to see them..
     There are two muffin bakers and they came with these cute potholders and a little recipe booklet..  I love temp-tations. I have several pieces..  I also ordered a oval shape pumpkin baker for Thanksgiving on easy payments too..  They were all on sale as well so I got a great deal..  
     Here they are all cooked up smelling really good...  She said they also freeze well.  And you can add different things like taco seasoning chilies and cheese to make it mexican or tomato sauce and mozzarella for italian...  But this was great..  I thought thanksgiving version was nice and thought later at another time of year if you were thinking thanksgiving foods the ground turkey and stuffing mix was perfect you can get some cranberry sauce green bean etc.. And make these..  I really liked them.  So did the boys by the way...     The most easy peasy recipe. When you don't want to do alot...
     Wishing you all a most lovely fall day...  Filled with love...  Give this recipe a try...  
                 With love, Janice... πŸŒΌπŸŽƒπŸŒΌ


  1. Good morning, dear Janice. My , what a darling pumpkin pan! How fun for the autumn season :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you a lovely day. Hugs!

  2. What a wonderful recipe perfect for the season. I loved the beautiful pan they were made in too, a real delight. Hope things improve for you and your daughter. Take care.

  3. Aha! You made Roxy's meatloaves! They look delicious and I am in love with that darling baking pan!

  4. Sounds and looks like a really unique way to make a tasty meat dish. I think if I made ground turkey ones I would add dried cranberries to the mixture. A whole balanced meal in one bite. Thank you for sharing your story of struggle. We all have them in our past, but knowing others do too helps. Hoping in the coming years things get better for you and yours. You are proof one can have a lovely life no matter what. r/sharon

  5. Happy Thursday! Looks very delicious. Love the muffin tins too ♥

  6. I don't have any Temptations pieces, but that muffin pan s adorable. How cute to make the meatloaves in it, and they're the perfect size. Happy Thursday, Janice!

  7. The muffin pan is so cute! Delicious recipe and perfect for this season.
    Hugs Alessandra