Friday, October 21, 2016

Its Friday, "Already"

     Hello good morning, it is a overcast one...  But I really don't mind..  Today I'm going thrifting with my oldest daughter.  I haven't gone in a while now.  I really try to avoid it because I have so much things..  But i need an outting and so does she.  As you know we both have panic disorder so it is quite the challange for us both to get out most days. But when we do it tobether its much easier..  And of course puttin God and Jesus right smack in the middle...  Nothing is impossible with them🙃...  I finally made my fall table... 
     I couldn't decide what I wanted and I still might put a tablecloth on I have two in mind...
The placemats are from the pioneer woman's fall collection... The round wicker chargers are a thrift find several years back, the white plates as well...  the wicker napkin rings are thrift find too..
     The cloth napkins are also from pioneer woman.  The flatware are bakelite from dads truck years ago...  The gold goblets are from pioneer woman..  And the tea cups are vintage sharon cabbage rose ebay few years back..  
     I love love this flatware,  I have several sets in different colors they are perfect for fall...
        Love these goblets as well....  And I love my new aqua ones too...  
     I put different doilies in the plates..  I need to finish this little dress though.. .  Maybe over the weekend...

     Such colorful napkins...  I have the matching tablecloth I'm debating whether to put it on as I said or a vintage cream lace one...  

     Look at these little cuties...  Pumpkin tureens by Temp-tations...  I'm in love with them totally..  There are three, Large, medium, small...  The large is not huge but cute size...  You can use them for so many things and even can bake in them, amazing huh...  They match my pumpkin muffins bakers and before this I purchased a oval baker with pumkins on it...  All set for fall..  I'm excited..
     The smallest.. So sweet and the lids couldn't be any cuter....   Set on my fall doily I made two years ago I think....
     I love the colors...  The step by step directions are on my crochet blog just incase your interested...  It was my first time putting down directions..  I mostly crochet by eye so it was a challange for me..  I had three ladies who followed along and made beautiful doilies too.  It was fun and exciting...  

     This is my grandson Isaiah, he is my kitchen helper...  He loves to cook with me and we made little potpies together last evening...  I had told him while we were cooking that maybe he could grow up to be a chef.  He said grandma I don't know how to be a chef...  I said well your learning with me and I explained already what a chef did so when you get bigger you can go to school for it...  He was amazed and later he said grandma I'm your little chef...  Hehe so cute..  Love my little guy so much.😚❤️
     These are our pies he helped with everything making the dough too...  Then putting the covers on and the decor...  He is only 3 but will be four in November...  ( larger ramkins are new from pioneer woman )...
     The left over dough....
     They were so yummy just a recipe I made up in my head as I went along and regular pie crust from crisco, I've used all my life....    Happy Friday everyone...  Wishing you the best weekend ever...
                                    ❤️😘🍂 with love, Janice🍂😘❤️
Ps...  I'm joining Bernideen's tea party today @ Stop by Brnideens and have a cup of tea.... See you there🍂💛🍁🍂


  1. Your table looks charming, Janice! How nice to have your little helper in the kitchen. Those little pies look wonderful! Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend.


  2. Your Autumn table looks beautiful, love the little tureens. What a joy to have your little Grandson helping, the pies look good.

  3. Your fall tablescape is beautiful, Janice! I especially like the cute pumpkin tureens. I'm sure your sweet grandson will cherish the time you spend together in the kitchen.

  4. Thanks for sharing the story about cooking with your little grandson. Loved hearing such a sweet story.

  5. What a lovely fall table Janice and the pot pies look so perfect for comfort and yumminess. I love your selections on the table and your sweet Chef Grandson!

  6. Hi Janice,
    Your little pot pies do look delicious. Such comfort food. Oh how I love your table setting. So perfect for the fall season. Your grandson is very dear. I am sorry about your panic disorder. I get anxiety quite bad at times and so does my oldest son. It is a challenge for me to travel. I do hope that you found some treasures with your daughter when thrifting. It is such fun. Blessings, Karen

  7. Hi Janice. What a lovely fall tablescape you have created. It's perfect for fall! Your little grand is adorable. Hope you have a delightful weekend. Did you find anything thrifting? Susan

  8. Beautiful table, Janice! I specially like the tureen sets, so pretty. You are quite talented, the doilies look amazing. Best of all, your chef is such a cutie!...Christine

  9. Lovely autumne table setting and your pies will taste delicious, especially made by the little chef. Always fun to have grandchildren around.

  10. Your fall tablescape looks gorgeous! I love all the colors and the tureen set are so pretty
    Hugs Alessandra

  11. Hello dear Janice, your table looks lovely. Love your pretty colorful doily. I don't crochet, but my Mother does. I will point her to your other blog. Your Grandson is so adorable. He is a great little helper. Wishing you a lovely Sunday. With love, Linda

  12. Janice, your doilies are amazing! And you've arranged things so beautifully for autumn. It's lovely to see you cooking with your grandson. You're making memories! Some of my very best memories are of cooking with my grandmothers when I was no older than your little guy. Hugs!

  13. Lovely fall tablescape and such pretty doilies to add such a special touch! You are blessed to have a little helper in the kitchen!

  14. This is lovely and your pie crust is wonderful! Thank you for hosting at Home Sweet Home!