Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Chatter...

       Helo dearest, good evening...
I'm home sitting on this old dumpy couch again...  Telling myself to get up and give the living room a good cleaning...  But I haven't done it yet. .  Have you ever looked at all you stuff, dishes and china teapots and such and think I have way too much..  .  But inside your heart you are dearly fond of every beautiful piece...  .    
     On occasion I do.. ..  But I love my things and don't want to rid of most of the pieces that I have collected over the years..   It wasn't easy getting them.  Most are odds and ends I might have a couple of full sets of dishes china teapots...  This is something I purchase a few months back on a couple of payments plans the pieces came from the UK...  They are by Royal Vale, made in England..  
     Isn't the little cottage just beautiful...  The colors are warm and soft..  Just as if you were looking out your cottage window.  Its has the sugar, creamer cup and saucer and a bread plate...  It was such a good price even the shipping wasn't bad...  This I purchased from a woman from instagram...  Very sweet lady..  I think it will go fine with my cabbage teapot...
     The creamer and sugar bowl...  With the same sweet pattern...
     O look who has joined us for tea, miss Poppy Eyebright and Mr. Apple. My favorite friends...
     My tiny collection of porcelain thimbles.  I have taken down my things off my living room shelf.  For some reason one side is lose.  So glad I notice...  So everything will get a good washing...
     The left pink rose I found on Dad's truck years ago...  And I have one Bramley Hedge one I got three years ago...  The rest came after...  I do have many silver ones I found over the years...  

     I love this little cottage...  In my mind I would love to be maybe in the Lake District in a sweet little cottage like this.  With some bunnies and chicks maybe one cow too..  And lovely vegetable garden on one side and beautiful flowers along side of the cottage and a patch or two else where..   Baking away in my cottage kitchen and cooking for the weekend..  .. .. . . 
     I think this is a perfect little teacup set..  .   Hopefully one day at mamas I can make it the cottage I dream of.. .  Maybe not the animals but everything else...

          With love Janice,  Happy Weekend.  .. ... .   .

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  1. Your Royal Vale set is gorgeous, Janice. What a lovely addition to a tea party they would make. I love the little cottage surrounded by the pretty flowers. Your thimbles are lovely too. Wouldn't a little cottage in the Lakes District be perfect. Have the most wonderful weekend, lovely lady.

  2. Oh Janice:
    I love this pattern and have only seen cups and saucers over the years so getting it directly from England was definitely the "way to do it"! It is so charming and so are your thimbles. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I've seen this pretty cottage teacup before, and have always admired it too. I love your thimble collection. I have a small collection of thimbles from a trip to Italy a few years ago. I had to decide on something small and inexpensive to collect at each stop. Apart from my grandmother's thimble, they are the only thimbles I have (but secretly I want to collect more!). Thank you for your visit Janice, and have a wonderful weekend!
    Wendy x

  4. I was gifted the same pretty cottage teacup a few years ago--it was one of the first teacups in my collection! I didn't realize that there was a matching cream, sugar, and plate. The only time that I think I have too much china is when I have to dust them. HA!

    That's neat that your mom used to make her own Kombucha. I tried a different flavour yesterday and realized that I'm not really a fond of the fizzy beverages.

  5. My dear Janice, I, too, have thought the very same thing and like Margie said, it's usually when I am dusting my collection {which I did just the other day} hehe :)

    I simply love your Royal Vale collection. That pattern has always been a favorite of mine.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, dear one. Hugs to you!

  6. Loving your collection so much... Verrry cute ♥

  7. Hello Janice. You have beautiful things. Keep them forever long you are on this earth! They are precious. Susan

  8. Janice,
    OMG!! Those dishes are absolutely beautiful!! I LOVE the stunning scenes that are on them!! Stunning!
    I too have too much stuff for most people's taste but I love every piece that I have collected!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!