Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday mornin chatter...

        Good morning there...  I woke up early this morning and jumped into the shower..  There is no sun as of yet, but I thinking maybe in the afternoon it will appear.  That is what is did yesterday to my surprise...  I have the kettle on just for some regular ole tea, nothing fancy..
        Making my own sunshine with this cup and saucer I found around six years ago at the Goodwill across the bay in another town...  I love it, it is bright and cheerful and pretty...
        You see these lids aren't they the cutest I found them at safeway...  They had plastic jars with these lids then they came out with separate lids to put on top of your jars you already have...
        Love the aqua ribbons...

            Did I show you my new fondue set I got for $4.50..  I love the colors and the matching little forks...  I got plans for her soon....

        I think thats all for today wishing you a wonderful weekend...
        And a lovely Friday dear friends...     With love....  . .  Janice

       LINKING UP TO BERNIDEEN's Tea party   @.
             With this post and my post before for my shortbread  squares....


  1. I thought that said $450. Wow! But $4.50 is actually also a wow!

    Love the flower teacup with the striped saucer.

  2. What a pretty teacup. And the fondue pot is so bright and festive. You really scored at the thrift store. I almost never find anything good at a good price. Oh, I might find something I like, but it's much more expensive than I want to spend.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Love your teacup, those pretty lids and the fondue set, Janice! I haven't made fondue in awhile and that'd be fun. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. Hello dear Janice. The teacup is lovely and the fondue pot is so pretty and bright. it makes me happy seeing it. Fondue is a fun dish and it is popular again. Have a great weekend. xo

  5. This is a lovely sunny way for me to start my Saturday morning. I'm just having morning tea and watching some of the olympics. Will need to start thinking about lunch soon. I hope the sun comes out properly for you again today.


  6. Janice, always happy to meet another tea friend! Lovely teacup.

  7. Dear Janice:
    I love your aqua features and that fondue - I still have mine from the 70's and need to have a fondue party! They are great fun. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  8. Love the fondue set Janice, what a bargain.

  9. that pretty tea cup AND the gorgeous fondue set. Love, love, love the design. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Janice.

  10. I'm going through an aqua phase so I'm admiring the aqua accents on your fondue set and jar lids!