Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday and Pioneer Woman...

Good Friday morning & pioneer Woman

Hello dearest,
      Good day to you.  This morning I thought I would share my Pioneer woman items that I purchased online from Walmart..  I think they are the lovelest pieces.  I always wanted to go check it out but never got to do that and then duh it popped into my head look them up..  
     So glad that I did..  I always wanted this colander from Macy's but never seem to get there either.  That was like five years ago... Though this is a darker shade I don't mind.  They looked a bit lighter on line..  But they are darker and I would say a richer color...
     It is quite large in size..  I thought it would be smaller...  I believe the price was $19.00. Dollars..
I'm loving all the pretty colors...  
     I also bought this scalloped pie plate so cute,  guess what with daisies on the side.  I love daisies..  They go all around the siding...
     Cute.... In my opinion, you know not everyone has the same taste..  I like the fact that she decorated the inner part as well.  Makes it nice so as the pie is being eaten it still looks pretty or like she did she showed putting stuffing in two pie plates different kinds in each... Great idea... So they can be used for several things..  

     A lovely square gingham dark turquoise tabke cloth.  She has several ones to choose from.  A garden one which I truly want..  I believe these are $13.99. Really yes...  And everything is decent quality..  Doesn't feel like it's going just fall apart when you wash it...
     I'am amazed by these GLASS, gobblets not paper thin, but a nice quality...  They are again in my opinion beautiful..  I only ordered one set but are going to order a second set at the price of $13.99 for four I believe... Terrible I should have wrote it down...

     The bandana looking item is a table runner red and dark turquoise...  Love it..  She also has different colored glass gobblets and tumblers as well as a ton of other things for the kitchen.  Makes me want to change my whole kitchen sell a lot of my things...  Really considering this!!!  She has mixing bowls just everything for the kitchen...  I'm in love...   I still have a glass pitcher coming to match the gobblets..  And a set of cloth napkins...  I think I've gone mad.. I have a whole list I want.. But it will have to be a little at a time..   Ha my pitcher just arrived and my cloth napkins and the gingham table runner...  Fun...
     Vee,  my daughter is making Bisquick pancakes..  Thought we try it, haven't in a long time...  It is all I ever used when my kids were growin up...
     Tomorrow we start throwing things out.. The dumpster has arrived..  It is funny all day yesterday I felt strange after I had ordered it.  All my adult life I wanted to throw all the garbage out and I had 22 years ago when I was pregnant with my last child.  But I left and she filled it all up again..  Funny how life changes and you feel different feelings.  I want to throw it out.  But it just feels weird after all these years..  Once and for all it will be gone...  Wishing you all a most wonderful Friday and a most lovely weekend......
With love, ...


  1. Janice,
    What a delightful kitchen collection from Walmart. I love the Pioneer Woman! This is the color I have in my kitchen right now. That pie plate is sturdy, and I really like the scalloped edges. And those glasses are soooo pretty! Bisquick makes the best pancakes, right? I often make Bisquick pancakes for my grown son. :) I love looking at all your goodies, Janice, Good luck with the give-away process. It's so nice of you to do that. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  2. I have to run over online and check her things out. I just love watching her show on tv. Thanks for sharing. Those glasses and the pie plate is so pretty.

  3. Hi Janice, What a beautiful post sharing these darling aqua items. I have the tablecloth and love it. I found it at the store but didn't see the pie plate or goblets. I will go on line to check them out. The colander is beautiful too. I think I need one. haha.
    I love the Pioneer women collection in the aqua shades and it goes so beautiful with reds and even the blue willow or black I have in my kitchen. I am keeping it all all fall and decorating it with fall colors. So far it looks great!! Thank you for sharing dear friend.
    Have a nice weekend and best wishes with the throw out! Have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings to you. xo

  4. Janice, what lovely items you bought. I have the same aqua little dessert dishes. Loving the color. You will have fun with these items. Good luck with the purging. It feels good to get rid of some items. Happy weekend. Xo

  5. Hope all goes well with getting rid of some of the stuff, it must be really hard for you. Stay strong. Beautiful post today such rich wonderful colours. Take care and have a good weekend.

  6. These are very pretty - very sweet! I hope your clean-out goes well! It's always nice to do some reassessing once in a while. xx Karen

  7. Love all your pretty acquisitions. Love that colour blue. The pie plate is so very pretty; love the flowers on the outside. All the best in getting rid of some of your stuff. Have a lovely weekend, Janice.

  8. How beautiful! I love the color!....Christine

  9. I love all the things you bought. Hope all goes well with the clean out.
    It's hard sometimes as It seems like you are going against what the person wanted. It will be good when it is done and a huge weight off your shoulders. good luck. Ann

  10. What fun to get PW items in the mail, Janice! I love that shade of deep aqua. The pie plate is so pretty and yes, could be used for casseroles or side dishes. Best of luck with loading the dumpster. Hopefully, You'll feel better when you're through.