Thursday, October 29, 2015


      Well I had posted the other day this sweet I believed teapot...   Saying it was Johnson bros.   I don't know why I thought that...    I was cleaning it I took a peek again at the name and its called the afternoon tea collection by, Sadler called Floribunda...    Glad I looked again because when I got online I found a nice creamer and sugar

      I was so excited and more because the two pieces were only 15.00  dollars... Another set was there but separate and the price was 14.95 each... So I got the two for the price of one and they are like bran new pieces...
      I'm not so sure now that this is a small teapot like they said...   I used it as it was but, I'm thinking it might be a milk jug... 
      I just love this pattern and it's rich Blues and creamy off White.. I love the bottom as well it reminds me of that panel board back in the day that they used to cover half the wall.  Which I really like that look...    I want that in my dinning room at Mama's house if possible.  
      I was cooking some swiss chard in mama's stainless steel pot.. They are as old as me, most of them are in good shape except some handles fell off...     This one, you see to the right has all it's handles.  Anyways that's when the door bell rang and the mail lady had the little package which I was surprise it came so fast...
      I'm just loving them...    It would be nice to find more pieces but they seem to be no where in sight...
     This is the copy of the teapot I saw online it was sold already,  boy I wanted to cry...    I would have be in heaven...    Breathe, lol maybe one day I will find one not to expensive...    Some plates and teacups would be nice as well...

      Well, I suppose it's back to cleaning and doing laundry...    I had the twenty four hour stomach flu I feel some what better but my tummy seems to be still a bit upset...    Have a wonderful Thursday 
                                        With love 


  1. Oh hon, you made me smile thinking you saw it was JBros. I personally don't care if it was made in the moon they are gorgeous! Yes, I hope you're lucky in the future and can get the short teapot and teacups and saucers.
    Keep looking, you will be lucky one day.

  2. Oh such a nice, clean pattern. You do find the best things my friend. I hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    I have being away for a while, but im
    back, im looking for to see your
    christmas blogs

    blessings bloggy friend.

  4. So, so pretty, Janice. I just think your dining room in Mama's house is going to be gorgeous. Well, the whole house is going to be. Susan

  5. This blue and white china is so elegant. I hope you are better.

  6. What a pretty pattern, Janice! I just love blue and white. Maybe one day you'll find the teapot at a reasonable price.
    Happy Tea Day!

  7. You have the loveliest tea cup and tea pot collections, Janice. I wish we could go to an antique shop together and browse through all their goodies. :)