Friday, October 30, 2015

A beautiful morning

      Hello, it's simply a beautiful morning here in San Francisco, the sky is gorgeous indeed...    I love mornings like this don't you...
      What prettier sky could you ask for...    I'm washing throw carpets this morning to hang out in the air...     The sun is bright and bold...     Waiting for me no doubt...    Hehehe...    A day like today I would love to jump in my car and go for a drive visit some little antique shops maybe buying some sweet little vintage treasures...    Want to go, come on lets pack a lunch as well I have a lovley picnic basket hurry before the day goes away and it becomes winter...
      The Apple tree still has some Apples coming...    I hope there will be enough for a pie...    At least one little pie...    
      I love waking up to the sun in my kitchen window seeing all my Blue glass at it best beauty...
      One last tiny bouquet of sweet flowers...     I love them best when they are tiny they seemed the Most prettiest, the most loved,  the most wanted...   The most appreciated because we will have to wait for the next awakening of Springs love to appear...     

            My vintage Blue duck she holds my sweet air plant that's doing so well...    And here is my other dollar African violet, I keep thinking why I didn't buy one more cause they cost like 5.99 or more for a little one and these are big.. But this one that lives in the kitchen window has bloomed for me ...    So pretty...    It seems to be the majic window in the whole house...    Whatever I put there it grows like crazy...

      I adore their sweet little blooms...    Well since your in my mind this morning I'm going to say hello to from my blog...    Hello and good morning Mr. Robert Rael...    In case I never told you my dear sweet followers he is my first boyfriend I ever had who I truly loved but life's circumstance parted us...   And after mama died I looked for him and found him...    I hope you have a wonderful day Robert and I wish all my great lovely blogger companions and all who quietly read my blog post have a wonderful blessed day too...     I hope wherever you are your day is sunny too...    And I Want to thank you all for following me and those who leave sweet comments...
With love

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  1. Janice, your blue glass items are so pretty against the morning sunlight. How nice that you reconnected with an old friend. San Francisco looks so pretty today. I love your sun picture. I can see a rainbow surrounding the sun.


  2. Lovely photos, Janice. I love cobalt blue glass, too, but took mine down and replaced all of it with amber colored glass. That's pretty, too. Susan

  3. Both of my daughters especially love cobalt blue! Yours is especially pretty in the window Janice!
    Blessings from Arizona,

  4. Hello Janice!
    Your blog is more beautiful than ever!!!
    This is a gorgeous post :-)
    I'm just getting back to blogging and I've changed my blog completely...
    Come visit me,

  5. What a beautiful blue sky! I love the blue glass items in your home