Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cleaning and cleaning and Apple pie cake

      Well good afternoon everyone,
I have been cleaning my heart out...    Deep cleaning down under cleaning wash the windows cleaning that the maid won't do...   Hahaha...   What silly maid she forgot to come over...    I have many things...    Lol, there was this story long time ago about a mother, like me, in Victoria magazine who loved dishes and it made me think of that story when I was cleaning and washing those pink depression dishes cups and saucers yesterday and this morning I'm washing my Royal Albert American Beauty's ... 
      Anyhow I kind of accumulated many teacups, pots dishes etc... Since I have lived here...
When the woman died her daughter found dishes and teacups in the darnist places under the bed in drawers...    Lol ..   I haven't gotten that bad yet but I tell you I'm not far off... 
      My daughters always saying Mom you have so much things, and I say I know to myself but, I love all of it...    I found myself yesterday so called getting rid of a few things merrily a few small photos books like five of them...    I figured I hadn't used them for several years so out they go...    Lol. But that's all that's leaving.. 
      Later I found myself tired out sitting on the couch feeling good because I finally got some good cleaning done that was way over due...    Any ways I was thinking How I was going to arrange my things in Mamas house with out ridding hardly anything of my things...    Frankly, I said to me...    I don't wish to get rid of any of my things I bought my things because I love them...    
      But there are a couple of things I will part with later if I ever get Mamas house fixed...    So time to wash these lovely Royal Albert American beauties and will have a Rose tea, be right back... 
      Ok there all washed and ready for tea...     I'm just waiting on a Apple Pie Cake...    It's in the oven 
now...    It smells wonderful...    Since we are waiting for the pie cake, I will share this recipe with you 
I haven't tasted it yet so will be doing it together first time...   Shhhh....   I tasted the batter it it had a fantastic taste...    So I believe this Apple pie cake will be perfect for afternoon tea...    Here is the recipe... 
      You need  some soften butter and some apples enough for two cups and you need to chop them after you peel and core them...   I believe I had like four say one large three medium...  But i did not use them all...   I got mine off the tree out back that's hanging over from the neighbor's garden there are tons on the floor I can't reach them other wise I'd give you some...    
A few other items that I will list for you...

      Creaming the butter and sugar going to add one egg only...    This is so simple...
      Get your dry ingredients together... Just a few things then add them to the wet...
 When done add our apples and nuts...
      You spread it into a pie dish that's been buttered only...    Then off into the oven...
                                     Recipe for you...    Apple Pie Cake
1cup flour
1 cup sugar
4 Tabs butter, (half of stick)
1 large egg
1/4 teas. Baking powder
1/4 salt
1 1/2 teas. Apple pie spice or (1tea. Cinnamon, 1/8 ground cloves, 1/4 teas. nutmeg, 1/8 ginger)
1/8 teas. Cardamon ground
2 cups chopped apples 
1/2 cup chopped toasted pecans ( I used walnuts didn't have pecans)
350*.  While preheating your oven butter you pie dish
     In a stand mixer cream butter and sugar then add the egg.  Mix until combined 
Add in dry ingredients on slow speed.  Add apples and nuts i did this part by hand.  Spread
Batter in pie dish evenly smooth it out.  Bake for 35-40 mins.  Mine took the 40.  It depends on your oven so keep an eye open.  Dust with powdered sugar.. 
      Ready for tea so let make the tea...    Be right back...
Tea is served... 
      Smells amazing...

      This is divinity...    As Amy says in the movie Little woman when they smell and see there breakfast
Taste this its divinity...    Happy Tea Time Tuesday, with love
Ps...    Back to cleaning, enjoy❤️
Ps, im sorry I forgot where I found this recipe...    Hopefully I will remember and give credit...    I try to write it down but forgot...

O my goodness didnt put all the ingredients sorry but its fixed now..


  1. Janice,che bella bonchina con le rose!Love!E la torta deve essere buonissima!Adoro noci e mele!BacioniRosetta

  2. Lovely Post!!! Love your tea set!!! And I think I will have to try that apple cake recipe! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come back again!! God bless


  3. I love, love your post dear friend! Your tea china is gorgeous, so romantic and sweet. Love the photography you did and that Apple cake, wow... wish I could go thru the computer to your house, Janice! Tks. for sharing. I'm pinning too.

  4. Janice I simply like like like your teacups and tea pot with the gorgeous roses! Your apple sounds so good and I bet it does smell good. Love when you bake something that fills the whole house with the scent of "yummy". Did I miss some ingredients? How much butter and how much sugar? Thanks as always for a most beautiful and inspiring blog!
    Blessings from Arizona,

  5. Hi Janice, lovely tea pot! The cake sounds delicious. Janice I have found your questions on my blog about the morning glory tablecloth......which is almost done by the way........but you have said that I have not responded. I did try to email you.......maybe I have the wrong email? Anyhow, yes I almost have it finished. You can email me at blugirl61@gmail.com . Have a lovely week.

    1. I never got it the email. But its ok was juat curious.

  6. This is another lovely post! As usual your china is fairy. I love the rose pattern. Your cake looks so yummy!

  7. Oh Janice, that pie cake looks "divinity." Your rose-covered cups and plates? Divine! Loved all. You are so adorable and your decorating style is the best. Susan