Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Morning

      It's a most overcast morning, But I don't mind at all...    Sometimes mornings like these are okay 
And it seems to set the Autumn mood in a deeper affect...    Well my car is not working so today I will try to journey to Mama's house on the bus today...    just because I need to for panic purposes... Besides the fact that no one can seem to pick me up...    The upper photo is my tiny hallway which I cleaned the night before... That old mirror I had in storage for about 13 years...     It was something I found on Dad's truck years before...
     A few of these other items were from his truck as well...    Some for thrift stores...    Like my new little Bunny and little sage green candles...    
      Here is my large doily that I made, I haven't blocked it so the end's are a bit up...  (I also made the small yellow one from a store bought one).   Sometimes I think wow I really made that....   I so wish I could learn to read instructions better...    Some of you know I taught myself to crochet by eye...    So this is how I made this one from a old broken one I found one day years ago before I knew how to do fine thread crocheting...    I learned a little bit when i was pregnant with my second child with yarn...    A young woman that Mama worked with had the patience to teach a few of us...    We would have weekly visits to her house having a meal and a lesson it was nice... So then I learned how to make chains and later granny squares and hangers...    But in my heart I had a passion for fine thread doilies, My aunt on my Dad's side could read anything and crochet it up...    I remember as a child i played all the time with Barbie dolls and she crochet the cutest outfits and mailed them to me...  And on Mama's side she had a sister who came to visit that would smoke cigs, watch Televison and whip out huge pictured table clothes everything and I never remember seeing any books...     I wanted to be like that...    My passion grew bigger...    After learning those basics steps, I made blankets etc...   Moved to Los Angeles where serveral latin women among other things crocheted beautiful fine thread doilies including my sister in law who spoke three words of English...   We lived in a four apt. Building she lived upstairs and i lived down below aside from her and there was this woman and her two daughters that lived acrossed from me...     she crocheted and she told me you can do it if you can do the other you can do this....
      I thought to myself how, how can I, that needle so tiny and the thread so small...    O my, so I conviced myself I could...    So how I got a notion in my head walked down the street to the salvation army went a looking for a easy looking doily not thinking I should learn by instructions like everyone else...    Now that I think of it I really don't know what I was thinking...   Lol
      But I found a straight stictched doily straight across back and forth went to the store bought some fine thread and I can't remember where I got the needle maybe her, Elvia, was her name a heavy set woman with a beautiful latin face...    And a kind heart...    And away I crocheted...    For about a year I lived there then came back home to San Francisco still doing back and forth doilies...    Several years later I tried some small rounds and then a few bigger, this was my first really large one...    Then I taught myself the little vintage potholder dress and others...    I have a huge vintage pineapple one I want to make the first part is easy but I have to figure out how to make the pineapples, I'm sure one day...
      So that's my crocheting story...    The things like this victorian lady picture I love...    I miss Dad's truck, it was always a treasure hunt...    "The Good ole days"...    
    I like when things feel all clean...    

    My cute Bunny and my Hall teapot...    I love this color, it goes well with Jadeite dishes and teacups...     
      I love this Homer Laughlin sugar bowl...    I love the green color...
      Well that's all for now...    I think it's rptime to get up and eat something and shower and be on my way...    Wish me well on my journey today...    I wish you well on this lovely Saturday Morning..    Enjoy your weekend...
              With love...


  1. You have such a beautiful home, a feast for the eyes. So nice to hear about how you learnt to crochet, I was taught by my eldest sister when I was quite small and just kept going teaching myself as I went. Hope you have had a good day.

  2. With your knowledge of just doing crochet, it would be a breeze for you to follow a written pattern! You should try it. I bet my life savings you would be shocked how easy it is for you since you know the stitches. Every pattern has s guide telling you what the abbreviations stand for, but it's really obvious what they are even without it. I taught myself to read patterns and graphs. It's really so easy. I know you could do it with no trouble. And you'd be so happy to be able to pick up any doily pattern and make it. There are tons of free ones on the Internet. I wish I lived near you. We could have tea in some of your pretty dishes and I could show you how easy it is in mere minutes! How much fun would that be? Have a safe trip to your monmma's house and enjoy your weekend.

  3. I adore your home, it' s very cozy. You ' ve got many beautiful and romantic objects. Your crochet is fabulous

  4. I crochet some but was taught by a very patient friend, However, the bedspread thread intimidates me so I've never used it. Your work is beautiful! You talk a lot about your Dad's truck. Did he set up at flea markets? If he did, how would have liked to buy out of his truck! What treasures you have found there!

  5. You have magical hands my friend! My mom is great crocheting too, I have such treasures from her and her mother, my granny. I never learned, what a shame. Actually, I was never good at it, I learned how to sew and hand embroider from mother, but hand crocheting in such a beautiful dying art.
    I'm glad you kept the wonderful mirror from your dad's truck, lol.. Perfect where you have it now.

  6. Very pretty indeed, I love that pretty crochet little round with the yellow rose and also the big doiley. You are very gifted!

  7. Lovely janice! i like your home and inspiration to decor...blessings

  8. Hello Janice...Love your vignettes. That long mirror is quite beautiful. Can't wait to see how Mama's house will be, all decorated by YOU! It's going to be totally adorable. Susan