Friday, July 15, 2011

Third post today, Plz. read down three.

This is a post of my friends words and writings, I think he is very talented and inspirational. A strong man. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Reading these words. WRITTEN BY: Gregory Mcwhorter (Mo's Place)

I Reflect As I

Blurred harsh reality; I lied to me, I lied to U, I lied to justify what I was an what I do, tears of my blood my proof. U see, I never learned to see beyond my corners plain truth, no risk to great, no reward to low, despite my hoods dying race. Ghostly hidden faces, mouths watering path of wisdom looking for a new God "Glass pipe religion". Exhaling new members new mantras crys, from lips of new liars as old friends turn in to cadavers; some within my arms, as life left from there eyes. I wore a smile, as for awhile cash money relief came in the form of junkies, lepers, pimps, hustlers, mankind's forgotten church worshipers. My innovators, my mentors all now dead, capitalism trained like the "GOP" lesson learned from his-story of Governmental monstrosity. Tye's, that lies as it leads no patience for hunger as it plays out in the streets. The game, traffic whizzing motion stops at feet of melancholy youth, who legacy they follow they have no clue. Museum of Hustlers dead; haunting outline imagines colored pictures chalk out in black and white. Passages of time folds mans hands in silent prayer, I digress, I regret, my insane claim to Hustlers Game

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